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Quote1.png Well there's no need to worry. I can confirm it. You failed -- -- you ruined my damn life. Quote2.png
Quentin Quire

Appearing in "No Future?: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "No Future?: Conclusion"

Tony Stark crashes Quentin Quire's 17th birthday party at the NYC branch of the Hellfire Club, as a favor to Logan in order to acquire an invitation. Securing the invitation, Logan dons a Magneto telepathy-blocking helmet to disguise his face and mind from detection and enters the party. He soon encounters Mystique, who used a number of Jean Grey School students' forms to taunt him, who leaves him to be beaten up by Sabretooth cosplayers. She has a brief side conversation with Quentin, encouraging him to face Logan and giving him her support. Logan meanwhile defeats the cosplayers, but due to his failing healing factor, remains dazed and at the social media mercy of the party attenders. Quentin and Logan have a moderate exchange: Logan expressing his concern over Quentin's learning of a possible future self and his suppressed feelings, and Quentin calling Logan on his perceived bullshit concern and spying tactics. Quentin manipulates some of the partygoers to attack Logan, who opts to restrain himself from crushing them and yields. Logan is then unceremoniously dismissed from the party by Quentin.

Solicit Synopsis

• Happy Birthday, Quentin Quire!

• Party crasher Wolverine gets more than he bargained for when he realizes who Quentin’s bouncers are.

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