Quote1 No, it's not him. Can't you tell it? Can't you smell it? Only one person smells like this. That's Deadpool. Quote2
-- Patsy Walker

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Deadpool puts in one of Wolverine's old suits, along with some steel claws, and decides to follow Logan by the letter. After discovering Wolverine's first appearance was fighting The Hulk, he goes after She-Hulk, and while Jen initially does not want to fight, she eventually beats Deadpool down. He then goes to Tokyo to search for ninjas, and is rejected by every team that had Wolverine as its member. While complaining to the heavens, Deadpool is then accosted by Dogtagger, who says Logan promised him the dogtag Wade is now wearing, and has brought some heroes to help. Deadpool readies for battle - only to stab his own head with the claws. After taking the dogtag,Dogtagger says that "You know who Logan was. His history. So let me ask you... "why the hell did you think being Wolverine was easy?"

In the meantime, Fantomelle and Culpepper infiltrate The Changeling, to give Logan's classic yellow and blue suit to his clone X-23.

Solicit Synopsis


• Make sure to pick up this issue for the DEBUT of a very special guest.

• Also, special appearances by some of your favorite Marvel Universe heroes (and even some villains).

• But what will the Paradise and Wolverines team think of the return?


The "Gaggle" search engine seemingly has "Do ya feel lucky, punk?", a Dirty Harry quote, instead of Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky".

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