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Supporting Characters:

  • Fang (Main story and flashback) (Revealed to be alive)


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Synopsis for 1st story

The mysterious figure is revealed to be Fang, an Imperial Guard member thought to had been deceased, and accuses the Wolverines for having killed Logan. He then attacks Sabretooth and easily defeats Daken. The Wolverines, except Daken, along with their allies try to assault Fang, but he releases an omnidirectional blast at them. Fang then asks Daken if he is scared, to which Daken replies that he is not and stabs him in the head with his claws. Fang survives the attack and again demands to know who killed Logan. X-23 says that nobody here killed Logan and states that everybody wanted to be there when Logan died. Meanwhile, Mystique locates Fang's weakness and everybody starts attacking Fang again, while Junk uses The Changeling's cannons against Fang, apparently killing him. However, Fang again survives the attack and takes Daken to Jotunheim.

Solicit Synopsis

• BETRAYAL! LIES! This is what happens when the Paradise Group and the Wolverines share more than alliances...

• And what happens when an old buddy of Wolverine shows up for a boondoggle weekend – ENTER FANG!

• Lady Deathstrike is finally coming to the conclusion that she doesn’t have to be alone, but will this moment of vulnerability come back to stab her in the back?

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