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In Jotunheim, Fang takes Daken to face a Frost Giant, but Daken says that he lost his healing factor. Fang retorts that his loss of his healing factor didn't seem to stop him and reveals that he had been seeing Logan every year and had talked about him and how Logan admired people like Beast, Iron Fist, and Daredevil. Daken then reminds him that they both had arms, while he didn't and says that he didn't want to face the Frost Giant, but Fang doesn't listen and issues a challenge against him.

Fang then goes over to the Frost Giant and tells him that Daken is his father, which enrages it and starts attacking him. Meanwhile, Shogun and Lady Deathstrike are having sex and tell each other personal information. Back at Jotunheim, Daken is trapped within a cave and threatens to kill Fang. He then asks Fang why was he doing this if he knows that he didn't kill Logan, to which Fang replied that he already knew and tells Daken to get himself out of the situation just like what Logan would've done.

In Madripoor, Fantomelle and Culpepper disguise themselves and try to steal one of Logan's eyepatches. They eventually get caught in the act and try to escape. Meanwhile in Jotunheim, Daken gains the upper hand against the Frost Giant and almost kills it, until Fang interfered and saved its life. Fang asks why he wanted to kill him, to which Daken angrily replied that he was not his father. Fang hands him a beer and uses his energy powers to restore Daken's lost arm temporarily because according to Fang, he doesn't believe in redemption and sends Daken back to the Changeling and takes Sabretooth with him.

Solicit Synopsis

• Daken takes center stage in this exploratory issue on his past, present and future...but what does that mean when Fang is the one doing the exploring?

• Shogun is constantly battling his inner demons, so what happens when his inner demon completely takes over?

• Fantomelle and Culpepper on a new mission focused on...Wolverine?

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