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The Wolves of K'un-Lun are native to K'un-Lun, a pocket dimension that connects with Earth in the Himalayas of Tibet every 10 years. One day the portal opened to Earth and the pack went out to hunt. They encountered Heather Rand while she and her son Danny Rand approached the lost city of K'un-Lun. The Rands reached the Bridge of Destiny, but the wolves were right behind them. Heather threw herself at the wolves while Danny was escorted to the hidden city.[1]

Fera was granted a semi-human shape by the sorcerer Master Khan, he would then control her with the Amulet of Shirrair. She would later tear off this amulet and free herself while Khan was in battle with Iron Fist and Luke Cage.[2]



Wolves of K'un-Lun

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