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Wolvie and his friends, the Adorable X-Babies, were Mr. Veech's attempt at creating a more child-friendly version of the X-Men to replace the original X-Babies. He along with all the others was sent as far away from Mojoverse as possible by a Spiral powered Rogue.[1]

The Adorable X-Babies seemingly arrived on Earth-32518 and set up a life on their new home, until the Exiles arrived after Li'l Magneto stole Wolvie's pies. Blink helped stop Magneto, just before the Time-Eater consumed the reality and Wolvie was recruited onto the team. The Tallus then transported Blink and the team back to the Prime Marvel Universe to report to The Unseen; however, the Tribunal of Watchers appeared to punish him for breaking the vow of non-interference, and in the subsequent altercation the Tallus was shattered, sending the Exiles flying into the timestream.[2]

With the Tallus' navigation systems damanged, the Exiles began jumping between universes, visiting a world of cyborg dinosaurs and a world where Namor was a hippy ruler both of which were destroyed by the Time-Eater. Before arriving on Earth-86315 where they met Becky Barnes and Captain America (Peggy Carter) and joined them on a mission to stop Red Skull from dropping an atomic bomb on a city. On the Red Skulls airship Cap set off a bomb, forcing Blink to teleport everyone out and taking the bomb with them to avoid the small explosion setting off the larger bomb and dispersing the radiation. The group celebrated, until they discovered too late the bomb had been damaged and exploded, which teleported the group away.[3]



Seemingly those of the Wolverine of Earth-616.

Physics Infringement: Wolvie, like the rest of his people, is basically a cartoon character. As such, the laws of physics as we know them don't necessarily apply to him. For example, Wolvie's sense of smell is so acute that he can smell objects that are submerged underwater.[4]


Fourth Wall Awareness: Wolvie seems to have some knowledge of the Fourth Wall. He was able to use this knowledge to understand and speak fluent Swahili or Igbo by reading an African slave's dialogue, which was translated into English.[4]

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