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Quote1.png And I hope I can keep my head together. Because tackling two cosmic bruisers on their home turf means being at my peak... pulling my weight with... the biggest, baddest bunch of heroes this boy's ever seen! Quote2.png
-- Wonder Man

Appearing in "Into Infinity"

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Synopsis for "Into Infinity"

A superhero brawl erupts at Four Freedoms Plaza. Enraged, Wonder Man voices some anti-mutant feelings. A bomb suddenly explodes, then Magus appears and escapes with the doppelgangers of Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic. After confronting Wolverine, Wonder Man goes in search of Hawkeye and Spider-Man. Finding them unconscious, he is then attacked by his own doppelganger. Thor and Hercules cause the doppelganger to flee. After returning to Four Freedoms Plaza, Wonder Man discusses the current events with Thing and Human Torch.


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