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Wonder Man
You were in love with the Vision -- a plastic man who wanted to think he was human. Then you started getting interested in me. Why, Wanda?!
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Scarlet Witch
I don't understand --
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Wonder Man
Is it because I'm fake, too? Because I'm just a bundle of ionic energy... pretending to be human? Are you turned on by artificial men?!
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Appearing in "Infinite Memory"

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Synopsis for "Infinite Memory"

Wonder Man and various heroes battle the Infinity Watch and Thanos. The conflict is ended by the arrival of Galactus. In order to quickly share information, Galactus subjects everyone to a cerebral scan. However, this triggers painful memories of Simon's brother, Baron Zemo's experiments, and Simon's previous death. Wonder Man has an existential crisis and questions whether he is still human. Thor, Hercules, and Scarlet Witch try to calm him down.

Meanwhile, Argus visits Alex and Jamie Flores. They discover that Argus has strange vision-based powers, and decide to contact Ginger and Spider to compare notes.


This story takes place during Infinity War Vol 1 4.

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