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Captain Atlas has stolen Captain Marvel's Nega Bands in hopes of claiming their power, but the only thing he can manage to do with them is swap places with Rick Jones as Mar-Vell once did. As Rick was in Avengers West Coast compound at the time, this leads to Atlas bouncing between fighting Wonder Man there and Quasar at Captain Mar-Vell's tomb, with Rick helplessly stuck along for the ride. The heroes are confounded and frustrated by being forced to switch between fighting Captain Atlas and protecting Rick Jones at a moment's notice, but Wonder Man eventually figures out his opponent's timing and succeeds in punching Atlas out the instant he zaps in. Later, the Avengers have both Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva in custody and prepare to go on the offensive before the Earth can get further caught up in the Kree-Shi'ar war.

Elsewhere, the revived Supreme Intelligence psychically contacts the exiled Demon Druid to recruit him to his cause. The Intelligence dubs his new agent with a new, slightly less ridiculous name, Ultimus.


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