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Wonder Man
Blast you -- I have to do this! And if you still had a trace of my mind -- my soul -- in your lousy programming, you'd see that!
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Then it is best for the efficiency of my performance that I do not.
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Wonder Man
Efficiency...I won't let people die in the name of efficiency!
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Appearing in "Death Adrift"

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Synopsis for "Death Adrift"

The Avengers' Shi'ar delegation is taken to the launch site of the device that the Nega-Bands, Psyche-Magnetron, and Omni-Wave Projector were stolen to complete. Empress Lilandra oversees the deployment of the massive vessel they're calling the "Nega-Portal" that will somehow bring a swift end to the war with the Kree. The Starjammers are commissioned to tow it to its destination, but Corsair refuses to be a part of it over the risk the route poses to Earth. The remaining Starjammers proceed with their mission over the protests of Wonder Man, who refuses to abide the use of the gigantic weapon. Dragging Vision along, Simon abandons the delegation to infiltrate the Nega-Portal. They're forced to fight the Starjammers until they're all convinced that the Nega-Portal is really a Nega-Bomb that threatens to wipe out an entire galaxy. They're especially reluctant to take it through the stargate since some of the circuitry was damaged in their fight. Wonder Man persuades the Starjammers to return to their ship and disengage while he and Vision stay aboard the Nega-Bomb in an effort to repair the damage before it accidentally goes off.


  • Stephen Jones is credited as Stephen B. Jones.

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