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Quote1.png I've encountered something you never can, Vision. Something you never will. Death. Quote2.png
Wonder Man

Appearing in "Big Decisions"

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  • Fringe of the Kree Empire



Synopsis for "Big Decisions"

Aboard the Nega-Bomb, Wonder Man and the Vision fight off the Skrulls that have hijacked it. Simon finds a way deeper into the heart of the vessel, but then the Vision announces that he intends to let the Skrulls succeed in destroying the Kree galaxy. With no emotional compunctions, the Vision sees no logical issue with Kree genocide. His directive is to protect the Earth and the Kree are a threat to the Earth. Wonder Man fights him on this, refusing to let so many die regardless of the galaxy they're from. Eventually, Wonder Man convinces Vision that his experience with death supersedes Vision's logic and the decision belongs to him.

Meanwhile, the rest of the spacefaring Avengers converge on the Nega-Bomb and fight off the Skrulls around it. Despite all their efforts, it seems they can't stop the inevitable. In the heart of the bomb, a massive portal to the Negative Zone breaches containment and explodes.


  • Stephen Jones is credited as Stephen B. Jones.
  • Part 18 of the Operation Galactic Storm event.
  • Detonation of the Nega-Bomb.

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