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Quote1.png Oh, they'll know, Mox. They'll know because you'll tell them. Tell them all what I did here. Tell them that I'm out here. Among them. A whisper. A shadow. A ghost that haunts them. You'll tell them if thay even think of coming for Earth-- The Man on The Wall will come for them. Quote2.png
Woody McCord Jr.[src]


Early Life

Woodrow "Woody" McCord Jr. grew up proud of his name because of being named after his father and hearing the tales of him, although he never meet him. However, his mother and brother were taken by the intergalactic slavers the Entari when they came for slaves.

Woodrow McCord Jr. (Earth-616) meets Howard Stark (Earth-616) and Margaret Carter (Earth-616) from Operation S.I.N. Vol 1 1.jpg


He joined various Native Americans who were fighting the slavers and was saved from one by a man with advanced weapons called Stafford, who killed the aliens. Stafford took him to work with him during the next five years to his base in the mountains while he worked to neutralize alien treats to Earth. He learned that Stafford had his team of Men on The Wall until they fell to the Entari and Stafford started acting more pro-actively, attacking the aliens directly instead of in the shadows. With the years, he eventually started going down the mountain and told stories about things in the mountain while drunk. He tried to start a relation with a waitress, Hana, but she rejected him, telling him that even if his stories were true they made them no good on Earth. One night, he was attacked by Entari assassins in the base. He manage to kill one but the other almost killed him before Stafford saved him. The two went to space into a bar where McCord waited in the shadows with the Entari's cloacking device to support Stafford while he confronted Teraphin Mox for taking about him to the Entari. When the Entari commander Dreel confronted and shot Stafford in his stomach, McCord killed the Entari while Stafford killed Dreel. Woody told him it was over but Stafford told him to kill all the aliens there since they have seen them and when McCord told him they was innocent, he insisted that all alien are a threat to Earth before leaving, claiming that he was done and that it was now his job. The aliens, afraid of Stafford's orders tried to kill him, forcing him to kill them all except Mox. When he promised him not to talk about him, he told him to tell everyone that he is out there and will come for them if they came to Earth, taking the role of the Man on the Wall. McCord kept a dairy in his studio about all his time since the Entari took his family to when he took the role of the Man on The Wall.[1]

At some point, he started working with Howard Stark, who helped him in his job. During a mission to thwart the Tribellians' plan to invade Earth, which would also be his last one, he came across CIA agent Nick Fury. After the Tribellians were defeated, Fury was present during McCord's last moments alive, who warned him about the upcoming extraterrestrial threats. Upon meeting Howard Stark, Nick Fury took McCord's job as the first line of defense against super human threats.[2]



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