The World-Eater was a powerful creature that fed off dimensions, using a host native to its desired dimension in order to consume it before jumping to the next through the Lattice.[1]

When the World-Eater took interest in the demonic dimension called Limbo, it chose the mutant known as Magik to be its host and tried to get to her through her student, Sapna. However, its presence inside Sapna's mind was soon discovered by Doctor Strange, who was helping Magik and Sapna learn more about the young girl's powers. The World-Eater attacked them, but was banished by a spell cast by Sapna.[2][3]

Some time later, the World-Eater took advantage of Sapna's vulnerability to lure her away from Limbo while Magik was helping the X-Men in the future,[4] and possessed her. After stealing Magik's Soulsword and trapping her, alonside Storm, in another dimension, the World-Eater went to Limbo to finally consume it.[5] However, with the help of the Magical Resistance, a group formed by the last survivors of some of the many dimensions destroyed by the World-Eater, Magik managed to return to her realm and destroy the entity by killing Sapna.[3]


  • Possession: In order to travel to another dimension and consume it the World Eater takes control of another person's body. [1]
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Electrokinesis: The World Eater displayed tge ability to project powerful bolts of lighting. [2]
  • Telepathy: The World Eater was able to reach Sapna with his mind and convince her to travel to him. [4]


  • Host Dependance: The World Eater can't travel between dimensions without an host.

  • The World-Eater's appearance, abilities, etc. are presumably inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos.

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