When the Grandmaster and the Challenger had a rematch for the former's mantle, they chose the Earth as the battleground for a contest between their two teams, the Lethal Legion and the Black Order, respectively.[1] As part of the cosmic game, they teleported tht entire planet from the Solar System to a distant galaxy that could serve as a neutral space.[2] The World-Engine operated from the Grandmaster's Cosmic Game Room was used to mantain the stability of the planet.[3]

After killing the Grandmaster for cheating, the Challenger decided to destroy the Earth.[2] Before leaving the Cosmic Game Room, he destroyed the machines that fed the World-Engine the data and energy necessary to keep functioning. When the Earth started to crumble, Voyager deduced that the World-Engine had been compromised, and took the Avengers to the satellite to stop it from malfunctioning. To this end, Thor and Lightning charged the World-Engine's induction vent while Hercules and Citizen V steadied the rotation wheel.[3] After the machine was powered, Thor joined Hercules and Citizen V in keeping it going until the Grandmaster returned the Earth to its proper place.[4]


The World-Engine surrounded the Earth with an energy envelope that kept the planet at the correct rotation and temperature. The device itself is virtually indestructible. The World-Engine's wheel is directly linked to the planet's rotation.[3]

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