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In the 82nd century, the World Development Council (W.D.C.) was the world government and had seats of power all over the world, including Montreal [3] and Berne.[4] Countries without a seat of power were served by ambassadors. Raymond Golding served as the ambassador to Greater Britain.[5]


In 8136, the World Development Council used extreme police violence to put an end to violent riots caused by the introduction of the North-South Border between England and Northern England.[6]

World Development Council established the Game as a palliative for the masses, to curb the civil unrest. However, the Game eventually became too violent and was causing too many deaths.[1] After the Miami Bloodbath of 8158[3] that led to 153 civilian casualties, the W.D.C. cancelled the Game and established the National Union of Retired Sports Experts to help ex-Game players adapt to ordinary life.[1]

After months of equivocations, in 8162 the W.D.C. approved reactivating Dragon's Claws to serve as N.U.R.S.E. enforcers. They singed off on Dragon's Claws mission to liberate Channel City from the mysterious High Father.[2]

W.D.C.'s reluctance to interfere in land disputes of French barons led to the creation of the local rebel group La Folie, which once took W.D.C. ambassador to Greater Britain hostage.[5]


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