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Official Name
World Party

Organization Identity


Base Of Operations
Germany; formally ran an operation out of a church in Philadelphia; both locations on Counter-Earth

Organization Leader(s)
Formerly Master Man

Former Members
Red Skull (Financial backer), Master Man (Former leader), Crossbones (Enforcer), John Barnes, Gus, Hauptman, Special Agent Hunt (SHIELD spy)

Funded by the Red Skull to spread white supremacy across the globe


When Franklin Richards created Counter-Earth to save his family and their allies from death when they sacrificed their lives to stop Onslaught he created a unique world with individuals all its own. Unfortunately, like Franklin's own world, there were those who were driven by racial purity that would go to extreme and radical forms of terrorism to accomplish their own goals: One such group was known as the World Party.

The World Party started off as a grass roots political group and became a major world power. It has its origins at the close of World War II, Hitler had died and his two super-operatives Master Man and Red Skull went into hiding. Over the convening years, they amassed enough money and influence to start the World Party, a political group that had a thinly veiled racist organization that supported white supremacy and the Nazi ideal. They stationed themselves in Philadelphia, rallying disenfranchised youth and indoctrinating them into the World Party's white supremacist ideals. The group also trained an elite group of soldiers as another costumed operative Crossbones. Lastly, they also collected a cache of nuclear missiles which they planned to launch all over the United States in an attempt to ethnically cleanse the country of all the World Party considered impure.

For unknown reasons, the group also sought out to collect the shield owned by Captain America, which had been in the safe keeping of Abraham Wilson who was attempting to reactivate Captain America himself during a period when Roger was programmed to believe that he was a simple construction worker.

In recent history, the group recruit John Barnes, the older brother of Rebecca "Rikki" Barns and grandson of Richard Barns who was Captain America's sidekick Bucky in World War II.

Ultimately, SHIELD, Captain America, Sam "Falcon" Wilson, and Rikki Barnes (now the costumed heroine Bucky) foiled Master Man and Red Skull's plot, stopping their plot of nuclear Armageddon. Master Man was taken into SHIELD custody, and the Red Skull escaped.[1][2]

The fate of Red Skull and John Barnes remains unrevealed, however when Counter-Earth was destabilized by the Dreaming Celestial, Master Man escaped from SHIELD custody, denounced his Nazi ways, and picked up a new obsession: Christianity and took over the western United States. Crossbones, horribly mutated by Gamma Radiation, joined Master Man's group and was killed by Rebel O'Reilly.[3]

The World Party endured and took over Germany, and mutated Ishmael Questor into the powerful telepath IQ. IQ worked with the Young Allies, and with their aid erased all knowledge of IQ's existence from the German authorities.[4]

When Dr. Doom abandoned his leadership of Counter-Earth, the World Party took control rather quickly, however they were ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of the Thunderbolts and Young Allies.[citation needed]


The World Party bears a loose semblance to the real life World Union of National Socialists.

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