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Based on the rules of the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 all appearances of the original Twin Towers and all references to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 as having taken place during the modern age of heroes should now be considered topical references.

Apocryphal Appearances

As stated above, any specific dates mentioned to quantify time during the modern age should be considered topical as opposed to factual.

In Earth-616 the World Trade Center appears to have fallen to terrorists during an attack on the Financial District of Manhattan in New York City, before being rebuilt years later as One World Trade Center.

On September 11, 2001 Captain America was seen digging through the rubble.[1] Daredevil also peered over the rubble of 9/11 months after the attack.[2]

Earlier, Daredevil had been to the World Trade Center while it was still under construction. At the time, Black Widow had been kidnapped and brought to the top of one of the buildings by Scorpion. Daredevil managed to save Black Widow, but in the fight Scorpion fell off the building to his death.[3]

The World Trade Center has been the backdrop and a landmark of many adventures in New York City. For example, the Avengers fought Zodiac on top of the World Trade Center. The battle, and in particular the Vision's actions, severely damaged the outer facade. After the skirmish, the Assemblers worked diligently on repairs with the Mighty Thor holding the foundation in place.[4]

Later, the Incredible Hulk fought Doc Samson atop the World Trade Center. Samson was knocked off the building before any major damage occurred.[5]

Later on, Silvermane hosted a dinner for several New York crime bosses in a restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center. While he proposed the formation of a criminal conglomerate, the meeting was crashed by Green Goblin smashing through a window on his glider. Green Goblin offered to kill Spider-Man for the right to become the leader of said conglomerate. Before he left, he promised to return with Spider-Man's head within 24 hours. Spider-Man had listened to the entire conversation from an air vent and once he accidentally revealed himself, he fought and defeated everyone in the room - except for Silvermane, who managed to escape.[6]

At some point, one of the towers had caught fire, which Human Torch and the Thing helped to put out and save people from.[7]

The observation deck of one of the towers later served as the battleground between Shang-Chi and one of his father's men, who fell off the tower during the fight.[8]

The south tower was later climbed by a robotic spider that had been sent out by the Wizard, which was fought and destroyed by Spider-Man.[9] A short time later Spider-Man would fight Taskmaster with the help of Ant-Man atop of one of the towers.[10] In another team-up with Thor, Spider-Man would later fight an alien named Meru on one of the rooftops of the World Trade Center.[11]

At some point in time, Spider-Man fought Human Fly atop one of the towers.[12]

For a while, one of the offices in World Trade Center belonged to the super-villain known as Techmaster.[13]

Later, Terrax would stand atop the World Trade Center to create a barrier around Manhattan and transport it into space. As Terrax lowered the barrier, countless windows of the World Trade Center shattered in the vaccuum of space.[14]

One of the offices inside the World Trade Center later became the place Omega Flight first formed. They would then kidnap Heather Hudson to lure in her husband. He flew there as fast as possible, where he would soon fight Omega Flight with the help of his team members from Alpha Flight, who were teleported in by Shaman.[15]

Later, a suite inside the World Trade Center was used by Doctor Octopus as a hideout while he planned to attack the city with a bio-weapon. He was found by Spider-Man who crashed into the suite through a window. The two of them took the ensuing battle to the rooftop, where Spider-Man convinced his nemesis to call off his attack.[16] Spider-Man was also present when one of the towers was damaged during a fight between the Avengers and a giant robot, leaving a giant crack in the building.[17]

Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, and Flash Thompson had dinner at least once at the World Trade Center.[18] Spider-Man also would stick on the side of the World Trade Center whenever he was thinking or just resting.[19]

One of the offices inside the World Trade Center was going to be used for the Jankos Coroporations buyout by Gideon and Sunspot. They were unexpectingly met by Black Tom Cassidy, who declared them his hostages. He then used a teleportation device on top of the building to conjure Juggernaut. The two of them then battled Syrin on the rooftop and defeated her quickly, sending her flying. Next, Juggernaut was attacked by Warpath, who managed to throw himself and his opponent off the building. The other X-Force members quickly jumped on the building from their jet to battle Black Tom's henchmen and make their way inside, where Black Tom had engaged in a fight with Sunspot and Gideon. Juggernaut and Warpath had made it to the ground apparently unscathed, where they continued their fight, during which Juggernaut revealed that he and Tom had placed a bomb inside the World Trade Center and that he was holding on to the detonator. Just as Spider-Man swung by to join the fight, the bomb went off. Shatterstar, Domino, and Feral then joined the fight as well. Cable continued the fight with Black Tom alone, while the rest of his team either battled Juggernaut or helped the survivors of the explosion. Their fight took an end with Black Tom falling down an elevator shaft. Cable then joined his team against Juggernaut, who quickly teleported away. X-Force did so as well before they could be arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D..[20][21]

Later, the Brethren teleported their Citadel of Thane Ector on top of the World Trade Center.[22]

One of the towers was under attack again later when a group of terrorists used explosives to crash and enter one of the top floors through the side of the building. The group attacked and killed a group of businessmen who were in the middle of a meeting.[23]

Later, another group of terrorists broke into one of the towers and held the people inside the skyline restaurant hostage, Mary Jane Watson-Parker among them. The terrorists demanded a large amount of money from the police and threatened a nuclear attack if their demands weren't met swiftly. To show how serious they were, they blew up a random building nearby. Four of them then jumped over to the other tower, using their enhanced armors. One of them was shot mid-jump by a security guard, who the terrorists then killed in retaliation. Scarlet Spider soon arrived at the blown-up building to rescue survivors before moving on to the World Trade Center. Meanwhile, in the restaurant, one of the hostages got shot for asking to go to the bathroom; when Mary Jane stood up to the leader of the terrorist group, he shot one of his own men to settle the score. While in the opposite building, the Scarlet Spider webbed up the terrorists that were planting the nuclear bomb and then beat the following men who brought the detonator. Meanwhile, in the main building, Spider-Man helped Mary Jane and the other hostages escape before beating the leader of the terrorist group.[24]

Blackout (Lilin) (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Vol 3 66.jpg

The demon Blackout was finally being captured by Ghost Rider. He was hoisted and chained over the World Trade Center where he was sentenced to burn to death when the sun rose.[25]

The World Trade Center was under attack once more when Omnibus let a bomb go off on a lower floor of one of the towers.[26]

Spider-Man would later fight Mysterio on top of the World Trade Center, who ended the fight by throwing himself off the building, faking his own death.[27]

Some time after the events of 9/11, the super-villain Warhead used his powers to let himself explode in a giant mushroom cloud on Ground Zero.[28]

Alternate Realities


On Earth-555, the September 11, 2001 attacks never happened and the twin towers of the World Trade Center still stood in 2006.[29]


Rachel Summers remembered that on Earth-811, the twin towers lay in ruins.[30]


On Earth-7940, the World Trade Center was mostly destroyed and a gigantic Nazi flag was planted in the ruins of one of the towers.[31]


In the dystopian world of Earth-18138, although large parts of New York are seen destroyed, the twin towers are still seen standing - despite this world coming into reality after the events of 9/11 had already happened on Earth-616.[32]


On Earth-58163, the World Trade Center was still standing after the events of 9/11 had taken place on Earth-616, implying that they never took place in this reality.[33]


This appears to be another reality in which the events of 9/11 did not happen, as the World Trade Center is still seen standin in 2002.[34]


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