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The roots of the Yggdrasill, the World Tree, act as a connection between the realms of the living and the realms of the dead.[1]


Wanting to make amends for robbing the majority of the world's mutants of their powers, the Scarlet Witch formed a plan to resurrect the sixteen million dead mutants on Genosha. To accomplish this, Scarlet Witch combined the World Tree Root with the Eye of Alak-Rah and the Tri-Crown of the Chaos Godhead. Unfortunately, her spell raised the deceased mutants as zombies.[2]

Scarlet Witch combining the World Tree Root with the Tri-Crown of the Chaos Godhead and the Eye of Alak-Rah

With assistance from Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch's spell was undone and the zombies were confined to Genosha. However, the spell took nearly thirty days to dissipate.[3]

Magik as the Zombie Queen

The day before the spell was broken, the Cotati landed on Genosha with plans to use it as one of their staging areas for an invasion of Wakanda. A team of X-Men was dispatched to investigate the disruption on Genosha, where they discovered the chaos of alien plants battling mutant zombies.[2] During the chaos, Magik obtained the Scarlet Witch's staff triggering her Darkchild demonic persona.[1] However, this transformation was short lived as the spell was broken while the Cotati threat was neutralized by Explodey Boy.[3]

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