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Quote1.png Well... I hear you people have yourselves a bit of a Hulk problem. Quote2.png
General Ryker

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Synopsis for "Hulkbusters"

Years ago, General John Ryker learns over the phone that his wife, Lucy Ryker, has been diagnosed with cancer. Moments later, he attends a meeting with General Ross, Major Talbot, Bruce Banner and others discussing how to destroy the Hulk. Banner argues that perhaps the Hulk should not be destroyed, and another scientist agrees with him, stating that the Hulk's incredible abilities warrant study rather than destruction. Ryker becomes very interested with this scientist suggests the Hulk's capability to heal could wipe out human disease.

At present time, John Ryker is observing the funeral of his wife, Lucy Ryker, from a distance. A team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, lead by Charlie, confront General Ross, who has been on the run for months. Ross offers Charlie a chance to advance from his current S.H.I.E.L.D. position, suggesting that whoever helps him solve the current Hulk problem would earn the gratitude of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s director. Charlie lets Ross go, informing his troops it was a mistaken identity.

Meanwhile, in a secret A.I.M. base somewhere in South America, a prisoner is being tortured. When the A.I.M. agents threaten to kill him, he transforms into Griffin and takes out his capturers. His teammates Prodigy, Mess and Mister Gideon rescue him from agents in Crimson Dynamo armor.

They proceed to their target, prisoner Benny Tibets, Flux, whom they free. Their remaining teammate, Grey, arrives and kills Flux, revealing that they act on behalf of General Ryker. They receive a transmission from General Ryker informing them that they will soon be taking on the Hulk himself. Grey, in a flashback, remembers General Ross informing him of the death of his brother Glenn. In the present, as the team prepares for departure, it is revealed that Grey is Brian Talbot.


Continuity Notes

  • John Ryker has been on the run from the authorities after his failed attempt to capture the Hulk in Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #1420. This was also when he used the gamma-spawned operative Flux.
  • John Ryker mentions the Civil War that took place between Civil War #17.
  • Reference is made to when Glenn Talbot was killed in action trying to stop the Hulk. This happened in Incredible Hulk #260.

Chronology Notes

Flashbacks in this story affect the chronology of the following characters:

Some characters only appear in flashback during the course of this story, but have multiple points out continuity. Those affected are:

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