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Years Ago

In the Canadian wilderness, General Ryker has been flown in following the Hulk's first battle with Wolverine. He is shown around by subordinate, Johnson. Going over the battle scene, Ryker learns that Wolverine was able to cut the gamma-spawned monster and draw blood. John is impressed to discover that they were able to collect a sample of the blood.


Seeking revenge against the Hulk, John Ryker has fired a missile at the ship piloted by the Hulk and his Warbound. The Hulk decides that Ryker is a foe that should be finally dealt with and orders his Warbound to stay behind. He then leaps out and tries to destroy the missile, the resulting explosion sending the gamma-spawned brute crashing to the ground. Contained on board the missile were miniaturized Humanoids created by the Leader. Suddenly they begin to grow in size and swarm the Hulk.


John Ryker has secretly used the Hulk's blood sample on his wife, who was suffering from terminal cancer. However, the blood has appeared to cure her of her condition. Deciding to take his wife out on a night out on the town, Ryker declines a request to help contain the Hulk, who at the time was in the middle of a battle with the Hulk.

When Lucy comments on how miraculous her remission was, John tells her that it was indeed a miracle. John then tells his wife that now that she is well, he has considered retiring from the military, vowing that nothing will get in their way again.


The Hulk manages to gather up all of the Humanoids that Ryker has unleashed upon him and crumple them up into a ball and toss them away. However, these are merely a distraction allowing Gamma Corps to arrive on the scene. The first one to lay into the Hulk is Mister Gideon.


John Ryker has come home after his wife has called and informed him that she has been sick all day. Finding her in the bedroom, she explains that after her usual daily shot, she felt sick and threw up and has felt terrible ever since. Annoyed that his wife has the covers over her face, John whips them off and is horrified to see that his wife is slowly being transformed by gamma radiation.


While the Mister Gideon managed to get the element of surprise, the Hulk easily fights him off and knocks him out. However, he is not the only one who has come to fight the Hulk. He is suddenly attacked by Mess.


At Area 51, John Ryker has transferred his wife to the facility to try and find a cure for her further mutation. One of the scientists examines her body and concludes that while the Hulk's blood cured her of cancer, it has come back and started mutating her. He concludes that the only way he could potentially cure Lucy is if they capture the Hulk for examination. Ryker gets on the phone and demands all the reports of recent Hulk sightings...


The Hulk manages to break free from Mess as well, breaking her arm in the process. He is then attacked by the Griffin. Although he manages to fight off the Griffin, the Hulk pummels him into unconsciousness. That's when he is attacked by Grey, who catches him in a headlock. He explains that the reason why the other members of Gamma Corps were focusing on wounding the Hulk's neck is because the Humanoids infected him a toxin created by Prodigy that will revert the Hulk to a previous, weaker, form. Suddenly, the toxin takes effect, reverting the Hulk to his grey form. With the Hulk now weakened, Grey suddenly snaps his foe's neck. Watching from his monitor, John is happy that he has finally captured the Hulk.


Continuity Notes

  • The first flashback in this story takes place after the Hulk's first battle with Wolverine which took place from Incredible Hulk #181-183.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the Rykers on multiple points, they are as follows:

Page 1-4 and 18-19:

Page 9-10, 13-14, and 17-18:

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