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Synopsis for "Mission Accomplished"

General John Ryker and his Gamma Corps has succeeded in incapacitating the Hulk by reverting him to an earlier form and breaking his neck. Now, with a device that beams images into the Hulk's mind, John Ryker reveals how he managed to develop this latest plan to get revenge against the gamma-spawned monster.

He explains how he had a team of scientists begin experimenting on human subjects to try and control gamma mutation. The testing phase took a lot of lives, however, there was no shortage of people who wanted chance to get revenge against the Hulk. Eventually, they found five success cases for argumentation. The first was Mess, who was grown replacements for her lost limbs using DNA from the Abomination. Prodigy was given DNA from the Leader which not only cured him of his mental disability but also gifted him with enhanced intelligence. Mister Gideon was enhanced using DNA from Doc Samson, giving him greater strength. The Hulk's old foe, the Clown, was transformed into the Griffin using information from the Harpy experiments. Lastly, Grey, who was transformed into a Hulk-like creature with the Hulk's own DNA, however, they spliced it with the Leader's DNA to keep his temper in check. He then reveals that Grey is the younger brother of Glenn Talbot. With his power reduced, the Hulk is told by Ryker that even if he manages to heal himself he will never walk again.

Watching from afar is Grey, who thinks back to the day that General Ross came to his home to inform the family that Glenn Talbot had died battling the Hulk. His thoughts are interrupted by his teammates who wonder what Ryker could be telling the Hulk that he doesn't want them to hear. Grey tells them to not question the orders of their commander and that they should focus on their debriefing as they are going to be deployed to Iraq after that Hulk has been dealt with. However, this does little to ease the minds of the other members of Gamma Corps, who start to think that they are the only survivors of the tests they underwent, and they decide to cut John's communication short. Ryker is in the middle of explaining how he is going to have the Hulk carved up for more testing when the transmission suddenly cuts out.

Back in the park, Mess tries to strangle the Hulk to death. While her teammates try to pull her off, this attack gets the Hulk angry enough to jumpstart his healing abilities allowing him to change back to normal. He then pulps Mess' arm with his blow. With no means to protect herself, Mess tells the Hulk to kill her and get it over with so she can be with her son, blaming him for her death. The accusation causes the Hulk to pause, he then apologizes for his death and leaps away. Ryker finally gets through to Grey and tells him to recapture the Hulk, threatening to use him as a test subject instead. The Hulk soon lands on Staten Island, the location where Ryker gloated about having his secret facility. Recalling how Ryker said the Hulk would never think of looking, the Hulk correctly deduces that the facility is hidden under the Staten Island Dump. Digging through the trash, the Hulk finds the buried access hatch.

Inside the facility, the Hulk is attacked by the Griffen, although the others are motivated by revenge, the Hulk knows that the Griffen is just a lunatic. He quickly breaks his foes arms, legs, and back before continuing on. He is then confronted by Mister Gideon, who blames the Hulk for the death of his son Jim Wilson. The Hulk corrects him, pointing out that Jim died of an auto-immune disease. He then wonders why his when he first met Jim he said he was an orphan and never mentioned his parents. By this point, the Hulk has overpowered Gideon, breaking his hands. Before he can harm his foe anymore, he is attacked by Prodigy. He quickly disarms and points out that they only think the Hulk is responsible for the tragedies in their lives because that is what they were told. This instills enough doubt in the Gamma Corps that they stop fighting. However, while the others agree to stand down, Grey still isn't convinced and wants to destroy the Hulk. Faced with this, the Hulk reminds Grey how his brother, Glenn Talbot, could be. This causes Talbot to think about how his older brother forced him to exercise and beat him as a child.

Grey attacks the Hulk, pointing out that he hadn't joined Gamma Corps to avenge his brother but to avenge all the people who have been killed by the Hulk's rampages. As they fight it out, the Hulk begins pushing Grey's buttons, pointing out how easily Ryker manipulated them. This causes Grey to lose his temper, overriding the Leader DNA and sending Talbot on a rampage through the facility. With the battle over, the Hulk tells the others to leave while they can, as the facility will collapse soon. However, the others still want to find answers. Meanwhile, Ryker learns that his S.H.I.E.L.D. contact has been discovered and apprehended by Dum Dum Dugan. With his plan crumbling around him, Ryker sits still as the building collapses around him. Four days later, the members of Gamma Corps are reviewing Rykers files and they learn that the Hulk wasn't responsible for any of the tragedies for their life. In the case of Mess, her son was killed by a vehicle tossed by the Abomination, while Prodigy learns that his condition is because his mother did cocaine while she was pregnant. While everyone feels guilt over being so easily manipulated, Grey tells his team that they have a new mission and shows them the pictures of their next targets: Mister Fantastic, Iron Man, Black Bolt, and Doctor Strange.


Continuity Notes

  • John Ryker states that Griffin's mutation was created using information from the "Harpy Project". He is referring to how MODOK turned Betty Ross into the Harpy in Incredible Hulk #168.
  • Grey mentions how the Hulk destroyed the town of Stroneridge, that happened in Incredible Hulk #316 during a period when the Hulk was separated by Bruce Banner.
  • The man who appears to be Dum Dum Dugan is actually a Skrull spy as revealed in Secret Invasion #1.

Chronology Notes

A series of flashbacks impact the chronology of characters in this story on various points. The affected characters as follows:

Page 18, Panels 3 to 6:

Page 6, Panel 2-6 and Page 4 Panel 1-5:

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