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Synopsis for "Whatever Happened to All the Fun in the World?"

Shortly after the end of World War Hulk, Anne-Marie Hoag and Albert Cleary of Damage Control meet with SHIELD director Tony Stark. They begin discussing the cost it will take to repair the island of Manhattan after it was heavily damaged by the Hulk and his Warbound. The haggle over the cost of the repair work, which Tony is reluctant to pay, pointing out that they can get a competitor to build it cheaper. However, Hoag and Cleary make a point of identifying the shortfalls of that options and ultimately, Tony Stark agrees to hire Damage Control for the repair work.

At 3 am that morning, Anne-Marie puts in a call to John Porter to tell him that they got the Manhattan job and that they are to begin work immediately. She tells him the evacuation order is going to be lifted that morning and he begins scrambling to get dressed and make preparations for travel to their Jersey facility. However, Hoag has a different idea, she is going to have a helicopter sent for him so they can operate out of their old headquarters, the Flatiron Building. She also wants to rehire Robin Chapel for the job, and quickly picks up on the fact that the pair have been sleeping together and asks for Robin to be put on the phone. Anne-Marie tells Rachel that Walter Declun is out as CEO of the company, she wants Robin back. On top of rehiring Robin, Hoag offers her a 20% share in the company which is expected to skyrocket in price once news of the New York job becomes public knowledge. Rachel is sold on the idea and begins compiling a list of things that need to get done immediately.

Later that morning, Ray Lippert arrives at the Fulton Correctional Facility in the Bronx to pick up Eugene Strausser who has been incarcerated for a number of years after damaging midtown Manhattan. After dealing with some grief from one of the guards, Lippert gets Gene out of prison to work for Damage Control again. Later that morning, Damage Control's offices are in full operation and the phone are ringing off the hook. The receptionist is interrupted by Tom Foster who tries to see Lenny Ballinger, but is told to take a number and have a seat, even though he is a superhero. When Tom tries to show off that he is the new Black Goliath, this impresses neither the receptionist nor the arriving Bart Rozum who tells Foster to take a seat.

Soon the upper management of Damage Control are meeting to discuss the clean up and rescue operation. The main sticking issue is that they need to ensure that all of the superheroes who have come to help have been registered under the Super Human Registration Act. To get around this, Robin Chapel instructs Monstro to only ask for registration cards after they are finished. Outside of the board room, Albert Cleary bumps into Black Goliath and tells him that he should be outside with the other heroes who have gathered to help. When Tom Foster goes outside, he is shocked to see that there are many heroes, both registered and unregistered, on scene to lend a hand. However, before they can all get down to work, the Thunderbolts arrive to check to see if everyone present has registered with the government.


Continuity Notes

  • Tony Stark mentions that he once worked with Albert Cleary "a few years ago." He is referring to the events of Damage Control #3. Per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, roughly four years have passed between that story and this one.
  • Anne-Marie Hoag states that Walter Declum has been ousted as CEO of Damage Control and they mention a rumor that he was killed by Wolverine. His apparent demise happened in Wolverine (Vol. 3) #47. However, his survival was since revealed in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #35.
  • Eugene Strausser was incarcerated for going on a rampage through midtown Manhattan. This is a reference to the events of Damage Control (Vol. 2) #3.
  • The Super Human Registration Act came into force during the events of Civil War #17, it was also during this period that Bill Foster, Tom's uncle, was killed. The SHRA is ultimately repealed in Siege #4.
  • Among the heroes present are what appear to be Yellowjacket and Thor Girl. Both are actually Skrull spies as revealed in Secret Invasion #1 and Avengers: The Initative #18 respectively.

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