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Quote1.png Her name was Caiera. And I hear her voice all the time Quote2.png
Bruce Banner (Earth-616)

Appearing in "World War Hulk Part 3"

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Synopsis for "World War Hulk Part 3"

With most of New York City's superheroes defeated by the Hulk, the President of the United States has sanctioned General Thaddeus Ross, the Hulk's longest foe, to take down the gamma-spawned monster and his Warbound by any means necessary. As his men mobilize to take the fight to the monster, he is informed that there are still civilians in the city, and they support the Hulk. Ross is hardly surprised, pointing out that this happens every few years. He recalls how the President once pardoned him after saving Washington from an alien invasion. However, a few months later the Hulk went on a rampage so devastating that Doctor Strange banished him to another dimension for a time. Ross even admits that he himself has gone soft on the Hulk in the past because his daughter, Betty Ross, was in love with Bruce Banner. Now that his daughter is dead, Thaddeus will stop at nothing to make sure that the Hulk is dead. He and his men track down the Hulk in helicopters and fire missiles at him which contain Adamantium shrapnel. On the ground, Rick Jones warns the foot soldiers to let him try and talk to the Hulk, however they ignore his request and open fire on him as well.

Meanwhile, at Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, the Sorcerer Supreme, has been attempting to cast a spell that will allow him to reach Bruce Banner from within the Hulk's mind. Until now, the Hulk has blocked his entry, but General Ross' attack has opened a way in. While the Hulk knocks the helicopters inside, Doctor Strange reaches inside the Hulk's mind and asks to talk. As the Hulk fends off another round of attacks in the real world, within his mind he is confronted by Doctor Strange who demands to see his true face. Recalling that this is something that his queen, Caiera the Oldstrong, said to him on Sakaar before her death, the Hulk allows himself to revert back into Bruce Banner in his mind. Showing Bruce images of Ciara, Bruce appears to break down in tears. Stephen then tries to explain that while he and the other members of the Illuminati sent him into space, they were not responsible for his ship exploding. While Strange's guard is down, the Hulk reveals that he was acting, and quickly changes back, crushing the Doctor's hands. This causes the same damage in the real world, cutting Doctor Strange off from the Hulk's mind.

In the physical world, General Ross and his men continue to try and attack the Hulk, but he is shielded by his Warbound. When the Hulk snaps out of his trance he is more furious than ever before and quickly destroys the tanks and helicopters that are attacking him, and sends the ground troops scattering. However, General Ross is not giving up and opens fire with a chaingun from his chopper. The Hulk leaps up at his long time foe and pulls him from the craft, as the two fall from the sky, Ross vows to kill the Hulk and shoots him point blank in the face. However, this does little more than anger the Hulk more as they plummet to the ground. With things looking grim, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill informs Washington. When the President suggests a nuclear option, Maria explains that this will only make the Hulk stronger and suggest they try appealing to a higher power. To this end, the President places a call to the Sentry and appeals to him to go outside and join the battle. When his scripted appeal doesn't work, the President gets angry and begins to berate Reynolds for not doing anything, to seemingly no effect.

Back in New York City, Ross and his soldiers have been subdued and incarcerated by the Warbound. While at Madison Square Gardens, the Hulk and Korg begin ripping the roof off the stadium in order to convert it into a gladiatorial arena where he intends to pit those responsible fight to the death. Korg tries to appeal to the Hulk, suggesting that they have done enough to convince the world who the real monsters are. However, when the Hulk sees the legion of humans who has shown up to watch the coming battle encourages the Hulk to keep on going, that he should not stop making them pay. While in Greenwich Village, Rick Jones tries to call out Doctor Strange outside of his Sanctum. He is caught in the act be Elloe Kaifi and Hiroim and a squad of Death's Head Guard. They accuse him of trying to betray the Hulk after trying to convince him that he is the Hulk's oldest friend. However, Rick tries to convince them that Strange's Sanctum is nothing more than a coffee shop. However, Hirohim can see right through Strange's spell and collapses it.

Before they can storm the building they are attacked by Iron Fist, Ronin, and Echo. Although they have the element of surprise, the three heroes are easily overpowered and subdued with Obedience Disks and hauled off to the arena. Hirohim then goes inside and breaks through the new mystical defenses that Strange put about his home, as they are much weaker due to his broken hands. With the Shadow Priest making his way up, Doctor Strange orders his servant Wong to bring him the box containing the essence of Zom and does the unthinkable: Unleashing its power and allowing it to possess his body. While back at Madison Square Gardens, Rick Jones tries to appeal to the Hulk, asking him to stop this insanity before he goes too far. However, the Miek interrupts telling him of all the millions who died when Crown City was destroyed on Sakaar, including the Hulk's queen. When Rick points out that this will make them monsters in the eyes of everybody, that a true hero should seek justice instead of vengeance, Miek responds by telling him that they exist to destroy everything around them. Before Miek can smash Rick, Hirohim suddenly comes crashing down in the arena. He is soon joined by Doctor Strange, who is now possessed by the power of the demon known as Zom. He appears before the Hulk, determined to smash him into defeat.


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This story intersects with many other stories during the World War Hulk event. As such the continuity of various characters are much more complex than usual. The affected characters are as follows:

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