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Synopsis for "World War Hulk Part 4"

Doctor Strange has channeled the power of the demon known as Zom in order to face off against the Hulk in Madison Square Gardens. In order to get to the Hulk, the Sorcerer Supreme must battle Hiroim the Shamed, one of the Hulk's Warbound. However, the enhanced power of Doctor Strange is too much for the Shadow Priest, whose rock-like arm is shattered in a single blow. When Korg and Elloe Kaifi try to face off against Strange, the Hulk decides to leap in. Strange manages to knock the Hulk out of the arena with a single blow, sending him landing outside in the parking lot. As a crowd of Hulk admirers arrive to cheer him on, Strange arrives and impales his fist through the Hulk and begins channeling mystical force through the wound. He then strikes the Hulk again, sending him crashing into a building, as the building collapses, Strange realizes to his horror that the people gathered are in danger, but they are shielded by the Hulk.

When Strange tries to explain that Zom is hard to control, the Hulk leaps at him and begins mercilessly pounding him. This beating is interrupted by Rick Jones who questions what the Hulk is doing. He points out that if he was this so-called World Breaker the Warbound call him, he would not have saved those innocent people when the building collapsed. He also points out how Bruce Banner is a good man, reminding the Hulk how Banner risked his life to save Jones when the gamma bomb went off. He tries to explain to the Hulk that he is Banner. The Hulk then lands one last blow on Strange, knocking him out. He then has the mage tagged with an Obedience Disk. As Doctor Strange is dragged into the arena, the Hulk corrects Rick by saying that Banner is him.

Soon the Hulk begins his gladiatorial combat, bringing out all the captured heroes who he has tagged with Obedience Disks. Elloe Kaifi then brings out the four members of the Illuminati that the Warbound blames for the destruction of Crown City. When Mister Fantastic tries to explain that they didn't plant a bomb in the craft, his Obedience Disk silences him. The Hulk then has people speak of the damage each of those heroes has caused to them. First is a woman whose entire family was murdered by the Inhumans during the Silent War. Next is Tom Foster, who accuses Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man of murdering his uncle, the Goliath, with their clone of Thor. Lastly, another woman talks about how Doctor Strange endangered them moments earlier by unleashing the power of Zom. As punishment for these crimes, the Hulk forces these four men to battle a Devil Korker monster. With their powers otherwise suppressed, the four men are forced to battle the creature with weapons left on the battlefield for them. When the Black Bolt manages to slaw the Devil Korker, the Hulk then orders them to fight each other to the death. When they refuse, Elloe activates their Obedience Disks forcing them to comply.

Meanwhile, in Vermont, the President of the United States visits the Sentry to convince him to join the battle. However, the powerful hero is afflicted with agoraphobia and schizophrenia, both are preventing him from going out into battle. The appeals fall on deaf ears, as Robert Reynolds thinks back to how Iron Man came to him not very long ago to make the same appeal. These appeals fell on deaf ears as well, because the Sentry could not bring himself to go out into the world due to his mental illness. Stark however, reminded him that if he doesn't act, billions of people could die and that he needs to step up and play God. Meanwhile, back in New York, the arena battle rages on. As the four members of the Illuminati try to resist the commands of their Obedience Disks, the Hulk refuses to listen to Korg's requests to end the fight. Suddenly, Tony manages to hack into one of the Death's Head units to try and shoot the Hulk.

However, this is quickly stopped by Elloe, who then forces Tony and Reed Richards to fight to the death. When Mr. Fantastic has Stark at his mercy, the crowd demands blood. The Hulk is left to decide, and gives Stark the thumbs down. Seeing this on television from his home, the Sentry decides that now is the time to play God, and flies off to face the Hulk.


Continuity Notes

  • Clarinda Roberts tells of how her family were murdered by the Inhumans. This happened in Silent War #1.
  • The death of Bill Fost, aka Goliath, happened during Civil War #4.

Chronology Notes

A Flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

As this story is part of the World War Hulk event, the chronologies of some characters are affected due to various stories occurring concurrently with one another. Those affected are:

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