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Appearing in "Captain America vs Wolverine (Part 1)"

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Supporting Characters:

  • Squee (Only in flashback)


  • Abilene (Only in flashback)

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Synopsis for "Captain America vs Wolverine (Part 1)"

Wolverine and Captain America have been transformed into Hulks during their battle against the Intelligencia. Crashing from the Helicarrier down to the streets of Washington, D.C., the two begin to fight. Wolverine still has some control over his condition thanks to his healing factor. However, it cannot totally cope with the transformation he has undergone and knows that unless they are cured soon, they will both die. Wolverine tries to keep his rage under control, but Captain America keeps on stoking his anger. As he struggles to maintain his sanity, this battle reminds Wolverine of the time years ago when Wolverine last fought Captain America, back when he was the Russian operative known as the Winter Soldier. First, his mind drifts back to the torture he endured all those years ago in Chicago, but his mind drifts back further to earlier on that fateful day.

Chicago, Years Ago:

Logan was working with a government agent named Squee, they were tailing Abeline, the mistress of Monte Boscardin, who is running for the governor of Illinois who has been up to some shady dealings. Logan has been trailing Abeline for two weeks and even though he spent an evening in bed with the woman, he couldn't learn anything about Boscardin's illegal operations. Nothing that proves his bribing of the local unions, or the suspicious murders, or where he has been hiding for the past month. They continue to tail Abeline until she goes into a high-end restaurant called Francovilla's. Not being able to get in without wearing the proper attire, Logan drags Squee over to a tailor's shop. There, Logan intimidates the owner into fitting them in tuxedos immediately. With their outfits, they rush back to the restaurant. Along the way, Logan explains that his employer wants Monte Boscardin alive and that they need to find him before someone else does.As they run into Francovilla's they are unaware that thewy are being watched.


Wolverine's healing factor is keeping his mind clear, but all of his other powers are also heightened. This plays into the nearly uncontrollable rage that is building as he fights Captain America. To make matters worse, Wolverine can't keep his rage in check because of his past history with Cap when he was Winter Soldier. The battle takes a turn in his favor, when Wolverine's slashes open a fuel tanker, dousing Captain America with gasoline. Wolverine then creates a spark lighting him on fire.

Chicago, the Past:

Logan and Squee cannot find any trace of Abeline inside the restaurant. Going back outside they can't find any trace of her. Suddenly, a car speeds around the corner and runs Logan over. The men inside get out and incapacitate Squee with a taser. The two men are then loaded into the trunk and their attackers drive off with their prisoners.

When Logan wakes up he finds himself strapped to a table in a basement with Abeline standing over him. She reveals that she is also looking for Monte and wants to know what they do about him. In order to ensure that she is getting the absolute truth she is going to torture Logan while Squee watches. She then heats up a knife and uses it to cut Logan open. She then takes the funnel and places it in the wound and then begins pouring pepper into the wound. As she continues to torture Logan, another man enters the room.


Wolverine and Captain America are still fighting it out. Wolverine knows that they should get back to the Hellcarrier and take their fight to the Intelligencia, but he can't help but fight this battle while also thinking about the time he encountered the Winter Soldier in the past. He recalls how he knew Captain America since he was Bucky back in World War II. He recalls how he fought alongside the original Captain America and the Invaders during the war until he seemingly died trying to stop one of Baron Zemo's drone bombs. Regardless, Wolverine has known his scent for over seventy years. He could recognize it anywhere, from the foxholes of the war to the space stations of today. He also remembered smelling his scent on Abeline all those years. He smelled it again when he was being tortured by the woman the next day. He didn't understand that how he was smelling it when he became aware of the other man in the room. However, at the time he didn't know about the Winter Soldier.

Appearing in "Pulsar vs. War Machine"

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  • Washington, D.C.
  • HATE facility (Only in flashback)
  • Restauraunt (Only in flashback)



Synopsis for "Pulsar vs. War Machine"

Monica Rambeau has been turned into a Hulk and as she pulls herself out of a crater in the middle of Washington, D.C., she considers this the worst day of her life. She then thinks about the day she joined the organization known as HATE and met its director Dirk Anger. She amends her opinion, considering being turned into the Hulk is the second worst day of her life. Suddenly she is attacked by War Machine, who has also been turned into a Hulk.

While his missiles explode around her, she thinks back to her time with the Nextwave. Specifically, a time when Boom Boom almost blew her up with her mutant powers while they were fighting werewolves wearing dresses. She then flies up and attacks War Machine, and as his armors weapons emerge, this causes her to think about the time that Machine Man ruined her date with Doctor Voodoo. When she is suddenly attacked by Ms. Marvel, also a Hulk, it makes her even angrier. It brings up memories of how she was constantly upstaged by Else Bloodstone while on missions.

Mocked for her constant name changes, Monica fights off Ms. Marvel when she is suddenly attacked by the Thing, who as the Hulk is calling himself No-Thing. Monica tells him this name is stupid and this makes her think about the time she chastised Captain **** for having a stupid name. The two go crashing into the ground, leaving a massive crater in the ground. Recovering from the fall, No-Thing spots the Human Torch and leaps at his teammate, prepared to attack.

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Continuity Notes

Captain America vs Wolverine

  • Wolverine gives an abridged history of James Barns' career:
    • He recounts how, as Bucky, was the partner of the original Captain America. This was the case since Captain America Comics #1. The pair were also founding members of the Invaders circa Invaders #1.
    • Bucky seemingly died in 1945 when he was blown up trying to stop Baron Zemo's drone bomb, as seen in Avengers #4.
    • In reality, Bucky survived and was recovered by the Russians, who turned them into their operative the Winter Soldier. This was revealed, and Winter Soldier was freed from his mental conditioning during the events in Captain America (Vol. 5) #514.
    • When the original Captain America was assassinated in Captain America (Vol. 5) #25, leading to Winter Soldier taking up the mantle in Captain America (Vol. 5) #34.

Pulsar vs War Machine

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