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Mighty Thorr

Appearing in "Spider-Man vs. Thor (Part 1)"

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  • Hellcarrier

Synopsis for "Spider-Man vs. Thor (Part 1)"

Transformed into Hulks by the Intelligencia, Thor and Spider-Man come crashing down onto the National Park of Washington, D.C. Thorr tells Spider-Thing to get up as they need to assist A-Bomb and Skaar battle the A.I.Marines. Due to his reduced intelligence caused by the Hulk transformation, Spider-Thing is a little confused and requires clarification on who they are fighting. However, the wall-crawler gets distracted when he spots the Smithsonian Institute. Spider-Thing knows this place and he begins thinking back...

... It was when Peter Parker was just a young teen before he ever became Spider-Man. His Aunt May and Uncle Ben were helping Peter get ready for a field trip to the Smithsonian. Uncle Ben recounts the first time he went to the famed museum and makes a joke about the dinosaurs having flesh on their bones. Uncle Ben tells Peter that he wishes he could have took Peter himself, but money is tight, but remarks about how proud he is that Peter won a competition, winning the trip. Ben tells his nephew that he should have lots of fun with the other intelligent children who get to go on the trip as well...

With his recollection over, Spider-Thing approaches the building while Thorr watches the battle and comes up with a rudimentary strategy to "stop smashing by smashing". However, when he turns to tell Spider-Thing to get ready, he spots the web-slinger pulling the main doors off the Smithsonian so he can get inside. Thorr leaps into battle against the A.I.Marines anyway, and when a group swarms him he calls out for Spider-Thing's help. When the wall-crawler doesn't come, he incapacitates the Hulked-Out soldiers with a bolt of lightning. Furious at being abandoned, the thunder god goes into the Smithsonian to find Spider-Thing. He finds Spider-Thing hunched over a plaque explaining a display of dinosaur bones. Thorr insists that they must go into battle, but Spider-Thing is only interested in reading and learning about the bones that stand before him. This causes Thorr to think back to his own childhood....

... Centuries ago, the All-Father Odin orders his son Thor to include his brother Loki in his games. Thor doesn't like this idea because Loki is strange and likes strange things. Still, Odin insists, but Thor balks, saying that Loki has no interest in sport. Odin questions if Thor ever invited Loki along. Thor's silence on the matter is answered enough for his father. Odin insists that his son be noble enough to lift the hammer Mjolnir, telling him that part of that would be including Loki in his games, explaining that making him a brother in more than just name is a battle in and of itself....

... With his recollection complete, Thorr insists that Spider-Thing stop reading and join the battle. When the wall-crawler ignores him, Thorr threatens to attack him instead. However, Spider-Thing is lost in his own world, thinking back to his childhood once more...

... When young Peter Parker arrived at the Smithsonian, Peter becomes smitten by a girl his age who shares the same interest. As he is reveling in this situation, they are suddenly interrupted by a bigger kid who says Paleontology isn't a "real" science. When Peter defends their mutual interest. The bully tells Peter he could learn all he wants by just reading the plaque and smashes his face into it..

... With this recollection over, Spider-Thing turns around and tells Thorr that he wants to be left alone and tells him to play his macho games somewhere else. As he turns away, he mocks Thorr, suggesting that he has probably forgot why he is fighting. This angers Thorr and his mind drifts back as well...

... Thor grudgingly includes his brother Loki in the games that he is playing with the Warriors Three in the forest. It is a game of hunting and wrestling. Thor explains to Loki the rules of the game and begins planning strategy. He points out how their opponents fear Thor and underestimate Loki, he tells his brother to get ready to attack. As Thor stalks off, Loki believes that this game will be lots of fun. Thor is quickly ambushed by Volstagg and Hogun who pin him to the ground and demand that he surrender. Thor calls out for his brother, but Loki is nowhere to be seen, and he is forced to surrender. When he asks Fandral where his brother is, his friend explains that Loki got bored and left because he had some reading to do...

... As the memory fades from his mind, Thorr demands that Spider-Thing join the fight, and threatens to smash the Smithsonian if he doesn't. Still, Spider-Thing refuses to leave and rejoin the fight. Furious, Thorr lifts his hammer and prepares to strike one of the dinosaur displays, but Spider-Thing stops him by webbing up his hand. He then strikes Thorr, starting a fight between the two Hulks. After some struggle, Spider-Thing manages to web Thorr up to a wall, but the thunder god channels lightning and burns free of the webbing, knocking Spider-Thing off his feet. Thorr then leaps up into the air preparing to land a killing blow.

Appearing in "Personal Wreckage (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Personal Wreckage (Part 1)"

Transformed into Hulks, Cyclops and Iceman of the X-Men have landed in the National Mall, of Washington, D.C. There, IceHulk decides that he wants a push-pop when he spots an ice cream cart. Hulkclops tells IceHulk that he is never serious and that life shouldn't be funny, but serious. Iceman doesn't agree and helps himself to the ice cream. Deciding that Hulkclops needs to lighten up, and smashes him in the face. This angers Hulkclops who unleashes an optic blast on his teammate. As the two fight it out, IceHulk makes a series of ice related puns, angering Hulkclops even more. As they fight, their minds drift back to the past...

... It was the early days of the X-Men and Cyclops has defeated Iceman in a one-on-one battle. Bobby is upset that Scott has beaten him once again. The Beast tells Bobby not to worry, as he will some day be able to defeat Cyclops some day. An idea strikes Iceman and he thinks that this will happen sooner than anyone thinks. Later while the male members of the team are hitting the showers, Bobby uses his ice powers to freeze the water coming out of Scott's shower head. Made furious by this prank, Scott scolds Bobby, telling him that he needs to start taking things seriously. Bobby concedes that he will no longer be treating things as fun and games. After Scott leaves, Bobby deviously decides that he will play pranks on Cyclops instead.

Over the next few months, Iceman begins playing pranks on Cyclops whenever they have a free moment. When Scott goes swimming, Bobby freezes the pool water. One morning while Scott is still sleeping, Iceman uses an ice slide to push Summer's bed out of the mansion and leave it in the middle of the yard atop a pillar of ice. When Cyclops is hungry, Iceman freezes the contents of the fridge. When Scott decides to go out on his motorcycle, Drake has frozen it in a block of ice. Their last recollection is of the time when Bobby iced up the floor causing Scott to slide into a pile of snow. This was the last straw for Cyclops, and confronts Bobby and the two almost come to blows when they are mentally summoned by Professor X. When Scott turns to leave, Bobby hits him in the back of the head with a snowball. This angers Scott even more and he turns around and leaps at Drake...

... With their recollection over, the two continue fighting. Ultimately, Hulkclops grows tired of IceHulk's constant jokes and knocks him off his feet with an optic blast. Standing over IceHulk, Hulkclops tells him that it's time to grow up and life is not fun and games.

Solicit Synopsis

It’s the final battle before the war! Find out what you’re favorite hulked-out heroes have been up to between the world-breaking events of WORLD WAR HULKS! The gamma-god of Thunder and a not-so-friendly Spider-Man are tearing up D.C. in a brawl of titanic proportions! Can the Asgardian and the wall-crawler overcome their savage impulses…or is it too late for these irradiated Avengers?!


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Spider-Man vs Thor

Chronology Notes

Flashbacks in this story affect the chronology of the following characters:

Spider-Man vs. Thor

Personal Wreckage

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Continuity Errors

Spider-Man vs. Thor

  • In Thor's flashback, the Warriors Three are depicted as youths. The chronology of this flashback happens between Thor: Son of Asgard #9 and 10. All appearances in that series and after this flashback depict the Warriors Three as adults. Why they appear as adolescents here is unexplained.

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