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Quote1 A single glimpse of this advanced technology -- combined with the seemingly infinite amount of it -- leaves no doubt of where we are, Superman. This is Galactus's ship! Quote2
Mister Fantastic[src]


Worldship (Taa II) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 49 0001

Home Fit for a Star-God

Taa II, or Worldship, is the solar system-sized, Möbius strip-shaped home of Galactus, Devourer of Worlds and Ravager of Planets.[citation needed]

After emerging from his incubation cube millions of years after the Big Bang, Galactus consumed the nearby planet Archeopia; this was the first world to fall prey to his insatiable hunger. Galactus felt compelled to create a monument to his dead homeworld Taa, which existed in the previous universe, and to the ravaged planet Archeopia.[citation needed]

Galactus used the remains of Archeopia as the raw material from which he created the enormous Taa II. Construction took millennia to complete, due to Galactus's need to take breaks in search of sustenance. When it was completed it engulfed the entire Archeopian System.[citation needed]

Galactus intended Taa II to surpass any natural world in size, beauty and splendor. Based on accounts from the few beings to step foot in it, such as Mister Fantastic, Galactus easily met his goal.[citation needed]

Indeed, Taa II is so massive several planets and even a star are held captive by its gravitational pull.[citation needed]

Alternate Realities[]

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Earth-30847)[]

  • Mutant Utopia: In one of the future timelines Magneto defeated Galactus thereby saving the Earth. He seized control of his worldship Taa II and converted it into a new homeworld for mutantkind. Which resulted in an exodus of mutants from Earth (including the X-Men) joining him on Taa II.[1]
  • Sentinel Base: In one of the future timelines, Galactus was defeated by the Sentinels. Master Mold turned it into a Sentinel base from which they waged their war against all superhumans (Marvel, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, etc). With the ultimate objective of exterminating all organic life.[1]

Silver Surfer (animated series) (Earth-634962)[]

Worldship (Taa II) from Silver Surfer (animated series) Season 1 1 0001

This version of Galactus' Worldship resembles a more traditional flying saucer and is where Galactus resides.[2]

Points of Interest

  • Galactus has a number of devastating weapons aboard the Worldship. He also has had a significant menagerie of alien lifeforms in captivity.[3]



  • Galactus uses a smaller bathysphere-type craft for travel and searching for other worlds to devour. This spacecraft is not to be confused with the Worldship.

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