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Quote1.png In every reality, across all time, there exists a great power. In some dimensions, it is a snake. Upon others is found a Wyrm. Theirs is a cosmic rivalry. An endless battle for dominance. And all of us have been pawns to their power. Quote2.png


An elder god,[2] demon residing in its valley, it was the eternal rival of the Elder God of Earth Satha, most commonly known as Set, and sought to overthrow all the other Gods.[1] He manipulated some of Set's worshipers into forming their own cult independent of Set, the Sect of the Red Serpent, and gave them the Serpent Scepter which canceled out the Serpent Crown's influence.[2]

After killing Bragi and his tribe, Niord wanted to avenge his brother-in-arms, and used Satha's venom for his arrows to fight the demon. As he tried to get his attention a fur-covered being emerged playing a flute, but after killing the creature the flute kept playing and soon the Worm emerged. Niord tried to fight the demon by shooting it with his poisoned arrows, but the creature managed to throw the Aesir to the woods heavily injuring him, while the Worm retreated.[3] As Niord was dying, the Worm sought to use his soul in his quest and reincarnated him through different millennia.[1]

When Niord began dying as James Allison, the Wyrm used him and the bodies of his previous lifetimes to gather the warriors, Conan, Solomon Kane, Dark Agnes, and Moon Knight into a quest to defeat Set, which would allow the Wyrm to finally achieve his goal.[4] However, after the defeat of Set, the heroes battled the Wyrm in the Hyborian Age, after learning the truth, and with their combined effort, along with the help of Allison, Khonshu, and Set's priestess, Satyne, managed to defeat the Wyrm.[1]



The Wyrm, an elder god and a demon, demonstrated the following power set:

  • Immortality: as a demon, the Wyrm was nearly immortal.[1]
  • Resurrection: the Wyrm was able to reincarnate Niord through different millennia.[1]
  • Time Travel: the Wyrm was able to travel through different time periods.[1]
  • Mind Control: it was able to manipulate James Allison.[1]



Wyrm Crown: the Wyrm had his own crown just like Set had his Serpent Crown.[1]


One of the forbidden tomes found in Novara by Solomon Kane and Moon Knight


  • In "Birthright!" (Monsters Unleashed #3; November, 1973), also written by Roy Thomas (without Gerry Conway) and penciled by Gil Kane, the Worm in the Lost Valley was possibly inspired by the Worm of the Valley of the Worm: He shares its name, resembles it in aspect, and the battle in which he dies is the stuff of later legends.

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