Worm was mutated in a fashion similar to the other Savage Land Mutates. The mutation was caused by a device created by the mutant known as Magneto, giving him superhuman powers and altering his appearance substantially somehow. He then joined with other similarly mutated super beings under their leader, Zaladane. [1]

Worm has remained a loyal servant of Zaladane for some time, using his power to turn her prisoners into slaves. Zaladane employed him to amass an army of Savage Land natives to battle the mutant superhero team known as the X-Men. In the ensuing battle, he took control of the X-Men Colossus, Dazzler, Polaris, and Ka-Zar. After a short time, though, the X-Men fought off the effects of his power and were able to defeat Worm, Zaladane, and all of her other forces. Worm fled that battle, and his present whereabouts are unknown.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Possesses the superhuman ability to control human's minds with an unknown liquid secreted through the suction cup-like pores in his hands. When this liquid comes in contact with the flesh of the victim, it slowly enters his pores and, adheres to his brain tissue. As time passes, Worm gains control of the victim's thoughts as well as physical movements, and he can eventually command the victim to do anything to himself or anyone else Worm chooses.
  • Worm's control over his victims can last indefinitely, unless the victim is exceptionally strong-willed. In that case, the victim can eventually fight off the effects of the liquid and regain control of his mind. Polaris was able to do this in her battle with Worm. It is unknown why this happens. It is also unknown exactly what the chemical is that is secreted in the liquid and why it has its effect on the human brain.

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