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Worthington Industries
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Worthington Enterprises


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Former Members
Unnamed conspiring board,[3] Mr. Childs, Maximus Lobo and Lobo Technologies, Candy Southern, Edmund (Guardian editor)

Matthew Murdock (attorney), X-Men, X Foundation, formerly Kilgore's Hellfire Club (conspiring board)[4]

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Origin and Overview

The Worthington Industries was founded over 150 years ago, by the Worthington family,[5] and today has become an international conglomerate with holdings in advanced aviation technology, periodicals (at least one newspaper), experimental alternative fuels and fancy frozen yoghurts, with nearly uncountable net worth.[6]

Support of the Mutant Cause

The last few years, the company's CEO was Warren Worthington III, who used the resources of the company to sponsor the X-Men.

Angel Amnesiac

Due to his amnesia, the board of directors removed Warren from leadership,[4] as they were conspiring against Worthington in order to illegally take control of the company.[3] The whole board was oriented by Kilgore's Hellfire Club who offered them a private island.[4]

Helped with the attorney Matthew Murdock, he regained control of his company, firing all the board members as their conspiration was telepathically proved. In order to replace them and as Angel didn't wanted to run his company but rather help new mutants, he recruited for his new board Anole, Blindfold, Bling! and Armor, his pals from A.P. Economics Class, the "best available candidates". Daredevil then left, pretty worried for Worthington Industries' health in the hands of the younglings, while Anole was intending to buy Disney.[3]


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