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The Worthy are the Serpent's elite vanguards and agents of destruction. The eight superpowered beings who can wield those hammers are granted immense magical power, and possessed by the evil spirits that are associated with the Serpent. Sin was the first one to lift the Hammer of Skadi, which transformed her into Skadi, who then freed the Serpent from his magical prison. He then sent seven more hammers to Earth, which were found and lifted by seven more people:

Every one of the Worthy helped the Serpent to spread fear around the Earth. The first Worthy to be dispossessed was the Thing, with the help of Franklin Richards and his reality alteration powers. After the final battle when the Worthy were defeated by The Mighty and the Serpent killed by Thor, their hammers were taken away from them by Odin. Nul was the only one who seemed to be still free on Earth, for that, Hulk searched for the help of Doctor Strange.




The Hammer of Angrir, Hammer of Nerkkod, Hammer of Skadi, and Hammer of Nul have been seen allowing their wielders to fly.


  • Tarene was thought by many to be one of the Worthy, because of her being a Hammer-wielder hero.[1]

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