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Wraithworld is the home planet of the Dire Wraiths, a deviant offshoot of the Skrull race. The planet is located in the dreaded Dark Nebula and orbits a Black Sun from which it derives its mystical connections. The planet was abandoned after the defeat of the Dire Wraith invasion of neighboring Galador by the Spaceknights led by Rom, the greatest of the Spaceknights. It was he who virtually single-handedly chased the remaining Dire Wraiths from their homeworld.

Approximately 200 years after the abandonment of Wraithworld, Rom would broker a deal with Galactus to save his home planet Galador (which was hurtling towards the Dark Nebula from the "Devourer of Worlds". Rom would act as a temporary Herald to lead him to a planet that he could consume. This planet was Wraithworld. However, the planet defended itself by pouring acid rain on his Energy Converter. Galactus attempted to feed on the planet but was fed upon himself. Sensing that the planet's power stemmed from the Black Sun, Galactus enlarged himself and entered it in an attempt to consume all. This attempt was also thwarted and a depleted Galactus returned to his ship Tau II and proclaimed that he had finally found a planet he did not have the stomach to consume. Galactus then fulfilled his promise to the Spaceknights to save Galador by moving it to an unknown location and leaving Rom and his companions to try and find its location.[1]

Later, during a Cosmic Alignment between Earth and Wraithworld that increased the power of Wraith sorcery on Earth, a Wraith Piper used his flute to play his Summons Song music that opened a Cosmic Portal between the two planets and awakened the demonic Dweller on the Threshold who had been asleep in a pocket realm adjacent to Wraithworld. The Piper's plan to bring the Dweller to Earth to mutate some ensorcelled children into powerful Wraith-slaves was thwarted when Rom banished the Piper and dove into the portal, forcing the Dweller back into his own realm before he could step through to Earth. The Cosmic Portal quickly closed once the Piper's music had been stopped.[2]

Later still, it would be Rom who brought the ultimate end to Wraithworld. The Dire Wraiths hiding on Earth sought to bring about a final victory over humanity by using sorcerous means to merge their home planet with Earth. The end result of the spell being that Wraithworld would replace Earth with catastrophic repercussions. This plan was thwarted by ROM with the help of Forge who constructed a giant "Neo-Neutralizer" in orbit of Earth. At the critical time of the Worldmerge, Rom used his Neutralizer to power Forge's creation. After subduing agent Henry Gyrich to prevent him turning it on Earth and thus neutralizing all of Earth's superpowered beings, they trained the gestalt weapon on Wraithworld. The Neutralizer negated the mystical energy that was the source of the Dire Wraiths magical powers thereby crippling their abilities and at the last, banished the entire planet to Limbo.[3]

Shortly after the Annihilation War, a Skrull by the name of Klobok began researching the mystical history of the Dire Wraiths and conjured up the deceased Wraith Warlock Doctor Dredd and assumed his identity. He then launched a plot to rescue Wraithworld from Limbo and utilize the DNA of the Wraiths to create a new race of Skrulls and rebuild their empire. Klobok removed the Black Sun from the cloak in the Dark Nebula and relocated it to the home system of Galador. The Black Sun then began to consume the Galadorian sun until the Annihilators returned Wraithworld from Limbo and then fused the two stellar masses using Universal, Cosmic, and Quantum powers of Ronan, Silver Surfer, and Quasar to stabilize the system. Wraithworld and Galador were then synchronized in orbit so that Galador always faces the half that is the natural sun and Wraithworld the half that is Black Sun. An uneasy detente now exists between the two mortal enemies.[4]


Dire Wraiths, Wraithworld Elementals


  • Wraithworld was "Neutralized" and banished to Limbo by Rom to prevent the Dire Wraiths plot to destroy Earth with a "Worldmerge" spell that would have replaced Earth with Wraithworld.[5]
  • Wraithworld was the Black Sun's "single orbiting world"[1] and "the sole inhabited planet of the Dark Nebula."[6]


  • Galactus was unable to devour Wraithworld as its natural defenses began eating away at his Converter before he could complete its assembly.[1]

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