Laralie was once a rodeo queen, but for reasons unknown she left that field to become an assassin of some repute.

Laralie was one of a group of six assassins hired by Damon Dran to capture the Black Widow in Hong Kong.[1] They succeeded in subduing her temporarily, but the Widow soon... wrangled her way free. The Widow used Laralie's rope to hurl her into a wall, knocking her out.

Wrangler was one of the army of super-women brought to Femizonia Island as part of her plot to create a nation of women to take over the world.[2] This plot was opposed by Captain America, the Paladin, Black Mamba, and the Asp. Superia sent the Wrangler, alongside Arclight, Bombshell, and Mysteria to stop Captain America. Wrangler was subdued by the electrical current of Mysteria's Mist-Sticks when Cap threw her into them.[3]


Wrangler is skilled with a lariat, which she has honed into an instrument of assassination. She is reasonably skilled at hand-to-hand combat. She carries a pair of six shooters and likely is a trained marksman. She presumably has expertise in horsemanship and other techniques of the rodeo.


Lariat, six-shooters.

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