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The Wrecking Crew is a construction themed supervillain team, consisting of 4 members. All four were at some point prior to their first appearance trapped in DISKs.

When a lost DISK was located on a construction site in Tokyo, Joel Murphy D-smashed the entire Wrecking Crew to fight off the Avengers. Prior to the fight, they first introduced themselves with a team pose, which the Avengers’ young partners considered lame but Joel considered stylish. In the battle, Hulk fought with Bulldozer, Wasp and Captain America teamed up against Piledriver, Iron Man fought Wrecker and Thor fought Thunderball. Captain America had to abandon the fight when his partner, Chris, was seemingly crushed underneath a tower. The other Avengers finished off the Wrecking Crew without him, and all four villains got D-secured by Akira, Ed, Jessica and Hikaru. Joel didn’t mind losing his team however, since he had found the DISK he came for and took it with him.[1]

Joel regained his team when the DISKs were lost again after the first battle with Loki at the latters' Ice Palace. When Loki ordered the Celebrity Five to gather the Treasures of Darkenss for him, Joel used the Wrecking Crew to help him obtain the final 2 of these treasures. They first go for the Crescent Dagger, guarded by Wasp and Hulk. Wasp is easily defeated by the four villains and Hulk is distracted when Ed faints due to a fever. The Wrecking Crew thus wins and steals the Crescent Dagger. They then went for the last treasure, the Solar Crown, hidden in one of the Egyptian Pyramids. This time they first fought against Iron Man, Thor, Wasp and Captain America, but managed to beat them. Hulk and Ed showed up just in time to turn the tides, and when Ed also D-smashed his second hero, Power Man, the team was defeated and once more D-secured by Akira, Chris, Hikaru and Jessica.[2]


Weapons: Wrecker's Crowbar, Thunderball's Ball and Chain


  • All members of the team are classified as “power types” in their DISKs
  • The way the team introduces themselves upon being D-smashed is very similar to a typical Super Sentai rollcall, also alluding to the Ginyu Force from the Dragon Ball franchise.

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