The Wugin is a race of matriarchal warriors ruled by queen Iqa.

When the terrorist Mercurio placed a piece of technology inside a volcano that caused it to erupt, the Wugin tried to shut it down because it started to damage the environment. However, they were confronted by the Underdwellers, a species that lived inside the volcano and mistakenly believed its eruption to be work of the Wugin.

Flash Thompson traveled to the Wugin's planet in order to fix the problem, and he was aided by Iqa when making his way through the Underdwellers. He subsequently jumped into the volcano and destroyed the device, restoring the balance to the planet.[1]

When Thompson confronted Mercurio, he enlisted the help of the Wugin in fighting his armada. The heroes were victorious, and Iqa decided to temporarily leave her people behind and accompany Thompson and his allies in order to make a name for herself.[2]

Powers and Abilities


The Wugin appear to possess an innate resistance to extreme heat, being able to stand in and around lava without discomfort.


Type of Government: Matriarchal monarchy.[1]
Level of Technology: The Wugin are technologically underdeveloped, they don't even possess an equivalent to the word "technology" in their vocabulary.[1]
Cultural Traits: Wugins in general appear to be rather brute, and the male Wugin are only used for breeding because they are unintelligent.[1]

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