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The Wundergore Everbloom is a very rare flower that can only be grown in the shadow-passes of Wundagore Mountain. Standard tourist guides to Transia recommend visitors to refrain from buying Everbloom blossoms from local dealers, because most of the blossoms in the market are simply standard roses with dyed petals.

Agatha Harkness and Wanda Maximoff would frequent Transia International Airport to see foolish tourists returning home who would pluck off a petal and lay it on their tongue hoping to see the future as legends say, and end up coughing due to the dye that easily fell off the fake Everbloom.

A cluster of Everbloom blossoms was gifted to Wanda by Agatha when she married the Vision.[1] And the ornament was later given to Vision by Wanda when he moved to 616 Hickory Branch Lane in the Cherrydale neighborhood of Arlington; Virginia.[2]


  • Prophetic Visions: According to legends, it is possible for a person to have visions to the future by lying a petal of an Everbloom in their tongue. While it is true that it can allow people to see the future, it is required for the essence of the petal to be consumed twice, first after hunger and second after murder. That is to say, to kill and consume an individual or creature who previously ate a petal of the Everbloom.[1]

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