Agents Sobel and Infante were tired of the FBI receiving no credit for their contributions to society. They had multiple conversations about how the FBI had become more of a nuiscance to the public, who didn't want to pay for it, as the Avengers became more prevalent.[1]

When news about a new hooded villain shooting a New York Police officer came across the wire, the Agents jumped on the case, hoping to bring down "The Hood" and up the reputation of the FBI. They interrogated John King, and even set up a sting operation where two of their friends from the Computer Crimes division (Dick and Russel) dressed up as A.I.M. agents and used Hydra technology to find The Hood.[2]

Their efforts produced almost nothing, and they were on the virge of claiming John King to be The Hood when an anonymous tip came in telling them where The Hood would be. When they arrived on scene, a hooded figure was holding a gun and a briefcase, and when they didn't drop the weapon, the agents opened fire and killed the figure.[3]

They were surprised to find out this "The Hood" was female, when they knew for a fact he had been previously male, but decided that ultimately it didn't matter, as long as they solved the case. They got John King to testify that The Hood was a woman, and let him go afterward.[3]

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