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Quote1 They are not the ordinary native tribe they seem to be! Quote2
Wyatt Wingfoot[src]


Early Life[]

Wyatt Wingfoot was born on the Keewazi reservation in Oklahoma, a member of the Keewazi tribe[3] of Native Americans and a descendant of the Comanche tribe.[4] Wyatt's father, Will Wingfoot, was the greatest American decathlon champion of his time. Wyatt's grandfather was Silent Fox, the chief of the Keewazi tribe, until his death.[5]

Adventures with Johnny[]

After attending a mission school near Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wyatt Wingfoot entered Metro College, which is across the river from Manhattan. There Wingfoot first met another incoming freshman, Jonathan "Johnny" Storm, who, as the Human Torch, was a member of the team of superhuman adventurers known as the Fantastic Four. Storm and Wingfoot became roommates at Metro College's Northfield Dormitory, and quickly became close friends.[6]

When T'Challa, the Black Panther, ruler of Wakanda, first invited the Fantastic Four to visit his country, Johnny Storm asked his teammates if Wingfoot could come along, and they enthusiastically agreed. To test himself in preparation for confronting his archenemy, Ulysses Klaw, the Black Panther attacked and trapped the Fantastic Four. However, the Panther underestimated Wingfoot, since the latter had no superhuman powers. Wingfoot freed the Fantastic Four, who then confronted the Panther.[7] T'Challa then became friends with the Fantastic Four and Wingfoot, all of whom helped the Panther in battling Klaw soon afterwards.[8]

Wyatt then joined the Human Torch in his journey to free the Inhumans from their Negative Zone Barrier.[4]

Wyatt Wingfoot became a good friend to the members of the Fantastic Four and participated in many of their adventures over the years, always proving to be a valuable ally.[5]

Although Johnny Storm did not complete his studies at Metro College, Wingfoot finished his course work there and graduated.[3]

Rejoining the Fantastic Four[]

After Chief Silent Fox had been dead seven months, the Keewazi Council of Elders was about to make Wyatt Wingfoot the tribe's new chief. However, the coming of Terminus to destroy the Earth and enslave humanity reminded Wyatt of his love for adventure, so he chose to decline the title of chief of his tribe, at least for the foreseeable future. Spending more time with the Fantastic Four, Wyatt grew closer with their newest member, She-Hulk, who was replacing the Thing at the time, and, eventually, the two started dating.[9][10]

Carlton Beatrice[]

At some point, Wyatt and She-Hulk separated while he was living with the Fantastic Four. After their breakup, Wyatt enrolled in law school, but events transpired that led to him and She-Hulk getting back together and even engaged. Not long after, he returned to his tribe's reservation accompanied by She-Hulk so she could meet his family, only to discover that the tribe was--once again--in danger from the corporate meddling of a man called Carlton Beatrice, who had visited decades before attempting to take advantage of the Keewazi's natural resources.[1]

After learning this, Wyatt, She-Hulk and Wyatt's sister, Rain Falling West, found and fought against Beatrice, but when he stole Wyatt's soul and threatened to destroy it, She-Hulk struck a deal with him--she would give him the basket he had been seeking, which once belonged to Wyatt's parents and had the potential for great power, in return for Wyatt's soul. Beatrice accepted and Wyatt was saved, but now Beatrice had great power and sought to steal the souls of every living being on earth.[11]

Jennifer Walters (Earth-616) and Wyatt Wingfoot (Earth-616) from Sensational She-Hulk in Ceremony Vol 1 2 cover

He nearly succeeded, but in desperation, Wyatt finally underwent training from his grandmother to learn the art of woman's medicine, giving himself a new form with long hair and traditional clothing. In this form he and She-Hulk united, holding the basket that had belonged to his father aloft in the air, together, and their unity freed the world from Beatrice's grip, returning the souls of the living to their rightful place.[11]

After all this, they could not prevent the Keewazi's reservation land from being seized: their treaty with the government was rescinded completely through Beatrice's influence before his defeat. Legally, they had no recourse, and the corporation had powerful weapons that not even She-Hulk could hold her own against.[11]

In despair at losing her people's homes and land, Wyatt's grandmother Roberta passed away. In the grim aftermath, as Wyatt's tribe left their stolen land, Wyatt and She-Hulk decided that they weren't ready to rekindle their romance after all, and that Wyatt needed to stay behind with his people after the loss of their homes. They parted on good terms, as She-Hulk returned to New York and Wyatt stayed behind in his new role.[11]

Back with familiar faces[]

Never apart from She-Hulk's life for very long, Wingfoot occasionally appeared by her side, and they rekindled their intimate relationship over the holidays, when She-Hulk stopped to visit Wyatt on her way to visit her father.[12] A few weeks later, Wyatt returned to New York with her to attend to some business in the city, and stayed with her for some time in her apartment.[13]

Jennifer Walters (Earth-616) and Wyatt Wingfoot (Earth-616) from Sensational She-Hulk Vol 1 37 001

New Adventures with She-Hulk

For a time, Wyatt accompanied her in her various adventures. Eventually, however, he felt the pull of responsibility and informed She-Hulk that he had to return home--that he was in fact leaving that night to return to his role as Chief. She understood, and in a fourth wall break, it turned out that her comic had been canceled anyway, so in the end, they were all removed from the page and packed away.[14]

In spite of their separation, Wyatt continued to occasionally reconnect not just with She-Hulk (both platonically and romantically), but with his friends at the Fantastic Four as well, especially Johnny Storm. He participated in an archaeology dig near his reservation with both She-Hulk and Johnny,[15] joined them while the Fantastic Force was active,[16] and partnered with the Fantastic Four at least once more when his tribe was once again in danger,[17] among other meetings.

He continued his off-and-on friendship/romance with She-Hulk throughout the years, going on multiple dates with her,[18][19] though ultimately their relationship did not continue and they grew apart, their once-passionate romance evolving into a thing of the past.[20]

Still considered a good friend of the Fantastic Four, Wyatt seemingly roomed with Johnny Storm once more,[21] attended Benjamin Grimm's bachelor party, and was present at the fairly private wedding of Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters.[22]


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Wyatt Wingfoot is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with considerable athletic skill. He is a brilliant tracker and skilled at training animals. Wingfoot is a fine horseman and motorcyclist and a skilled marksman.[2]



  • Wyatt not only has an unspecified degree from Metro College,[3] but briefly attended Columbia University,[1][2] as well as State University,[23] and has worked as both a schoolteacher,[24] and an anthropologist, plus is familiar with the Hopi and Paiute languages.[25]
  • Wyatt has been shown driving many vehicles, but one of them is a real car: A 1965 prototype, the Ferrari Dino Berlinetta Speciale.[26]

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