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American Frontier

During the days of the American Frontier, many American gunfighters traveled through Wyoming.

In the town of Buckhorn, the original Two-Gun Kid was framed for robbing stagecoaches by Ace Turmbull. When Two-Gun learned he was wanted in the area, he investigated who was posing as him and cleared his name.[1] Kid Colt was also active in the area. He assisted the Native American warrior Black Arrow in hunting a mountain lion,[2] took down Jack Blackwell and his gang,[3] as well as cleared his name in the town of Jackson Bluff when outlaw Mocassin Joe Cass framed him for murder.[4] The Gunhawk also traveled through Wyoming in 1868, where he hunted down the Pecos clan, a mountain-dwelling clan of murderous religious zealots.[5] In Flat City, the Black Rider prevented Harlan Beckwith from murdering his wife Amanda.[6]

After becoming an outlaw among white men and renegade among his own people, the Paiute warrior known as Arrowhead became active in the area. Initially seeking to drive the white man from his land, he often helped and clashed with both white and Native American peoples alike.[7] Arrowhead was active in the towns of Drumville,[8] the Blanchard Settlement,[9] and Hangtown.[10]

Modern Age

Alternate Realities


In this reality, the headquarters of Project Pegasus are located in Wyoming. Modi manipulated Hydra to capture Pegasus and engage in a Civil War with the United States. [11] In the outskirts of this state, a decisive battle against Hydra was waged by the Ultimates.

Cassie Lang spent some time recovering from her injuries from Hydra at Fort Nightingale. That is where she received an official invitation to join the Ultimates team.[12]


In the Wastelands, Paste Pot Creek and Electroville are renamed cities in Wyoming. Loki was killed in the latter.[13]

Points of Interest

  • Gannett Peak, 13,804 ft. (Highest Point)
  • Cheyenne (capital)


  • Admitted to the United States July 10, 1890.

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