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Wyre is a genetically-enhanced assassin who helped the Secret Empire create a group of super-human killers. He soon began to feel badly about his actions and decided to destroy the monsters he helped create. One of those creatures was Wild Child, and a member of Alpha Flight.[1]

He was eventually held in detention by Alpha Flight, though not successfully. He stayed with the team, despite their dislike of him and vice-versa. He even aided them when Beta Flight member Witchfire took over Department H.[2]

His current whereabouts and status are unknown.


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Wyre is genetically enhanced with the ability to project and control tendrils of inorganic fiber from his body. These tendrils obey his mental commands. He has hyper-regenerative powers and athletic abilities including super strength and speed. He also has claws on his hands that are razor-sharp.[3]

Wyre's physiology is enhanced; thus his strength, speed, reflexes, senses, healing, agility, and stamina are all greater than average.[3]


  • Extremely proficient combatant and assassin, skilled in many areas of hand-to-hand combat and weapons usage.
  • Experienced tracker.



Various firearms.

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