Wyre is a genetically-enhanced assassin who helped the Secret Empire create a group of super-human killers. He soon began to feel badly about his actions and decided to destroy the monsters he helped create. One of those creatures was Wild Child, and a member of Alpha Flight.[1]

He was eventually held in detention by Alpha Flight, though not successfully. He stayed with the team, despite their dislike of him and vice-versa. He even aided them when Beta Flight member Witchfire took over Department H.[2]

His current whereabouts and status are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[5]
Energy Projection1
Fighting Skills6


Wyre is genetically enhanced with the ability to project and control tendrils of inorganic fiber from his body. These tendrils obey his mental commands. He has hyper-regenerative powers and athletic abilities including super strength and speed. He also has claws on his hands that are razor-sharp.[3]

Wyre's physiology is enhanced; thus his strength, speed, reflexes, senses, healing, agility, and stamina are all greater than average.[3]


  • Extremely proficient combatant and assassin, skilled in many areas of hand-to-hand combat and weapons usage.
  • Experienced tracker.



Various firearms.

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