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Quote1.png I believe in life. I believe. I...fight. I bleed. For others. To keep them...alive. I live...I live, so others will live. I believe. Quote2.png
Laura Kinney

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X-23 reflects on her birth and life while on a mission with Logan and Jubilee. She picks up a scent and breaks away from the pair, following it through the streets of New York City to her old friends Kiden, Tatiana, Bobby, and Lil' Bro, who are all homeless and camping on the roof of a building. Kiden notices Laura and privately reunites with her for the first time in a year. Taking her back to the group, Kiden implores Laura to stop cutting herself and asks if she has been prostituting herself again, which Laura assures her she has not, but won't say where she has been living. Laura's mind is suddenly invaded by an anonymous entity that has been observing her throughout the night. The entity tells her to call him "the Gamemaster" and says he is focusing on her to tune out the thoughts of the entire world. He tells her that she will never be truly free because all she knows how to do is live under someone else's control, first obeying from the Facility, then her pimp, and now the X-Men. Laura insists that he is wrong and she joined the X-Men to fight for others, but he dismisses her. He leaves her mind but says he will be watching her. Back in the real world, Laura runs from the group across rooftops while mentally proclaiming her autonomy in defiance with the Gamemaster's opinion of her, and ends up jumping off a roof to escape. After hitting the ground, Laura heals and finds that Kiden attempted to stop time to save her, but lost control of her powers. The rest of the group comes to the spot she fell and offers to bring her home with them, but they are interrupted by Logan. Kiden assumes he is Laura's pimp and refuses to let her go with him, but Laura says he is her friend and come be trusted to go with her. Kiden tells Laura that she can always come to them for help and she leaves with Logan. Walking away with him, Laura thinks to herself that she does not yet know how to be her own person and not someone's property, but she one day will learn how to.

Solicit Synopsis

  • X-23 has spent her short life being used by those in power, from the military to the X-Men.
  • But when she is forced to confront a being who can control her life with nothing but a thought, will X-23 finally learn how to fight -- not for others, but herself?
  • Guest-starring NYX!

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