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Synopsis for "Songs of the Orphan Child (Part 1)"

X-23 hitchhikes and ends up in a diner where she meets a girl named Alice who has been beaten. When Laura accuses her of trying to lure her to her pimp, Alice denies it and leaves. Later, Laura walks on and soon finds that the “pimp” has murdered Alice, so Laura kills him as well. When she buries Alice, she is joined by Gambit, who has come to help and support her. After a talk about what she wants, they decide to drive on his motor bike but they are found by the police and Alice, who is alive again but seems different. She lures Laura with telling her she knows things about her mother. X-23 and Gambit follow her and the police, only to be led to Miss Sinister.

Solicit Synopsis

The open road can be a dangerous place for a teenage girl...unless you're X-23. Leaving the X-Men is no heartbreak, not when the answers X-23 seeks about herself are out in the world. But her questions will lead her down a path more dangerous than any she's ever encountered, one that ties directly into the past of another orphan: Remy Le Beau, aka GAMBIT.

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