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Synopsis for "Songs of the Orphan Child, Part 3"

Laura and Gambit are surprised as Miss Sinister has transformed into the real Mr. Sinister. Immediately, Gambit attacks him and is quickly beaten, as is X-23. Miss Sinister then transforms to her true self once again, after which she has Gambit locked away and Laura tied to a certain chair. When Laura regains consciousness Miss Sinister explains that, ever since she used that chair, the real Mr. Sinister has managed to take more and more control over her, therefore she wants to transfer her consciousness into Laura’s body. The process begins but, much to her surprise, she only manages to transfer Mr. Sinister’s consciousness into Laura. More surprisingly, Laura manages to cast him out, eliminating Sinister’s consciousness. Alice, in the meantime, has freed Gambit, who in turn activates the lab’s self-destruct. Now freed, Laura offers Miss Sinister a chance at redemption, which is promptly rejected. Feeling the necessary offer made, Laura guts Miss Sinister, who nonetheless manages to escape. With an injured and unconscious Alice in his arms, Gambit tricks Laura to escape, even though she wants to look for the last Alice clone, and the trio make it out of the facility before it implodes. Together they take Alice to a hospital, where Laura decides to look for Malcolm Colcord and stop his new Weapon Plus program. Meanwhile, unknown to them, the last Alice clone has survived the lab’s implosion and is now possessed by the real Mr. Sinister, who has Miss Sinister as his prisoner.

Solicit Synopsis

Is Miss Sinister the most dangerous enemy X-23 has ever encountered or the closest thing to a friend she has right now? X-23 is about to find out, as just when things couldn't get worse, they do.

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