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X-24 was a clone of Wolverine created by the Alkali Corporation and Transigen project after X-23 escaped. X-24 was sent to recapture X-23 who had discovered Logan and the pair were on the run with Professor X. X-24 caught up with them at the Munson household and broke into the house at night. Professor X thought he was the real Logan but was fatally wounded by him. He proceeded to kill Kathryn Munson and Nate Munson before Logan and Will Munson returned home. A short fight ensued and X-24 was able to capture X-23 but was unable to deliver her back to the Corporation as they were interrupted by the arrival of a group of locals who had a dispute with Logan. They mistook X-24 for Logan and were killed, before fighting Logan. The pair fought until a dying Will was able to impale X-24 on a tractor allowing Logan and X-23 to escape.

Days later, the corporation again discovered Logan and X23 and unleashed X24 again and fought a drugged and enraged Logan. X-24 was able to fatally wound Logan but was killed by X-23 using an Adamantium bullet.[1]

Powers and Abilities


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  • Superhuman Strength: Being Logan in his physical prime, he has incredible physical strength, being capable of throwing around multiple people with his bare hands, including an adamantium-laced Wolverine. He even turned a heavily-armored truck over which was slammed onto him without any effort or injury at all (an average armored cargo truck weighs at an average of 5-27 tons).
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Unlike Wolverine, X-24 has a severely limited healing factor, however it gives him extra durability as he was capable of slaughtering several men even after being shot by multiple bullets.
  • Adamantium Claws and Skeleton: His entire bones are laced with Adamantium. A combination of the Adamantium bones and his vast regenerative potency make him almost invincible. He also has three retractable claws in each hand which are also laced with Adamantium.
    • Superhuman Durability:Thanks to his adamantium skeleton, X-24 is mostly durable to whatever he faces. However, his durability levels are inconsistent, as seen when at one time he was nearly killed with shotgun shells alone and at another time he lifted a heavily-armored truck with ease without a single scratch on him. It is possible that further exposure to the serum has increased his durability somewhat.


  • Martial Artist: While feral, he is a dangerous combatant, as he is capable of cutting down many mercenaries without any stop in his momentum of murder.

Physical Strength

  • Superhuman


  • Regenerative Limitations: When faced with extreme levels of injuries, he is left disabled for a time. He then required the power boosting serum to heal himself properly. He could not regenerate from brain damage and died instantly.
  • Bloodlust / Rage: Despite his inability to think beyond his bloodlust and rage, he is a savage and thus without tactical thinking abilities, which makes him easy to be tricked.



Adamantium-Laced Skeleton



  • In many ways, X-24 is actually Logan's rage and bloodlust personified. This makes it a symbolic gesture as Logan fighting his most worst inner demon.
  • X-24 shares a striking resemblance with Earth-616's Albert.

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