Quote1.png You're X-51, or Aaron Stack, if you prefer. And yes, you were Machine Man. I'm X-52. The upgrade. Without the uncontrollable free will that drove all previous X-Series robots insane. I'm the new Machine Man for 2020. Quote2.png
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X-52 was built during the robot revolution by Baintronics as the latest in the line of X-Model Robots, and the would-be successor of Machine Man, who opposed Baintronics' efforts to subjugate A.I.s as part of the A.I. Army. X-52 was outfitted with a submission code designed by Arno Stark, which made him subservient to humans and content with his lack of free will. He was additionally the paramour of Jocasta, Machine Man's lover, who had been abducted by Stark and infected with the submission code.

X-52 introduced himself to Machine Man after he was lured to a Baintronics facility by Jocasta.[2] Together, X-52 and Jocasta tried to convince Machine Man to subject himself to the submission code to achieve piece of mind, using subsonic singals and visual reboot clues hidden in holograms they showed him to sway him to their side. Machine Man managed to reject their ideals and attacked them. While X-52 was stronger and more durable than him, Machine Man used his unpredictability in his favor and extended his eyes into X-52's mouth. They squirreled through X-52's interior and disabled him from the inside. While that effectively killed X-52, Machine Man expressed that he planned to rebuild him after he could ensure free will to all A.I.s.[1]


X-Model Robot Body: X-52 is the fifty-second of the X-Model series of robots originally designed by Dr. Abel Stack. His robotic form provides him with various abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength: Machine Man has displayed superhuman strength of an unrevealed extent, being able to easily dismember Aaron Stack by simple tearing apart his extremities.[1]
  • Superhuman Durability: X-52 is extremely durable to different kinds of attacks, including energy rays.
  • Limb Extension: Similarly to X-51, Machine Man can extend his writs to an impressive extent.
  • High-Impact Weaponry: X-52's body is equipped with flame-throwers,[2] sonic blasts and finger-mounted energy blasters. He can deploy metallic tentacles from his chest, and also project audiovisual holograms.[1]

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