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On Mojoworld, the X-Babies protect a group of villagers from an attack by the Brotherhood of Mutant Bullies, until their leader Magneato arrives and helps the bullies escape. Later, one of the villagers sells a recording of the escapade to Mojo, who is looking for hits in order to reclaim his throne on Mojoworld. Mojo rewards the villager by sending him away to have him spine removed.

Wanting further hits, Mojo consults with Arcade, who proposes pitting the X-Babies against the Brotherhood in a game show with death traps, which he calls Murderama. Mojo is delighted by the idea and sends a squad of Centennials to capture the X-Babies. The Centennials find them at their clubhouse and attack, just as Cyke and Wolvie are getting into an argument. The X-Babies fight back but are captured and transported to Arcade’s Murderama, leaving Charlie X behind in the rubble of their clubhouse.

The X-Babies do horribly at the quiz show part of Murderama and are sent two by two into Arcade’s Murderama. First, Cyke and Wolvie must escape from a barbarian fortress. While trying to cross an abyss by leaping from post to post, Cyke seemingly falls to his doom, but Wolvie manages to escape after crossing the abyss and slaying all of the barbarians. Next, Creepy Crawler and Colossusus have to recover a group of letter blocks from a booby-trapped theme partk and rearrange them into a secret word, which they successfully do. Finally, Shower and Boyo have to traverse a haunted graveyard where they are attacked by bats, zombies and a mummy. The other X-Babies are sent to join them and together, they are confronted by a specter that makes them all experience their worst fears.

Just then Cyke returns riding a flame-breathing dragon, Locksteed, who blasts the specter. The X-Babies unite their powers to defeat the specter. Realizing that they never left Arcade’s soundstage, the X-Babies escape and confront him. Arcade says they can go free but the Brotherhood of Mutant Bullies will be kept as prisoners in their place. The noble X-Babies decide to give up their own freedom in exchange for the bullies’. But suddenly Charlie X bursts into the studio with a full team of every single X-Baby. In the ensuing chaos the Bullies escape, and Charlie X leads the X-Babies to safety.

Confronted with this apparent failure, Mojo shouts at Arcade, and pulls his face off to reveal he is in fact an artificial being named Funhouse, programmed to simulate Arcade. Mojo orders him to be dragged away for punishment, unaware that the Murderama show actually got very high ratings.

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