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Appearing in "Beware The Babymaker"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Dazzler
  • Textbook Sisters
    • Prima
    • Tercia
    • Segundra
  • Mitey 'Vengers (First appearance)
    • Wisp (First appearance)
    • Captain Amerikid (First appearance)
    • Hawkey (First appearance)
    • Iron Ace (First appearance)
    • Thunderson (First appearance)
    • Big Boy (First appearance)


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Beware The Babymaker"

Under the watchful eye of their mentor, Boy X, the X-Babies participate in a training session in the Danger Playpen. When Shadowkitty accidentally phases into the control room machinery, however, the obstacles turn deadly, causing Sugah’s costume to tear on a barbed wire fence, exposing her skin. When she accidentally collides with Psychilde, their skin contact causes a psychic explosion that causes their memories to mingle and knocks Psychilde out.

Elsewhere, Mojo is desperate for new entertainment and his ally Spiral suggests using their remaining neoplasm to create more babies, which are always a ratings hit. Mojo wants them to be evil babies.

That night, Psychilde cries out in her sleep. The X-Babies come running and realize that she is melting back into neoplasm. After studying her molecular breakdown Boy X says the only way to save her is to take her back where she was created, to Mojoworld. The group sets off through a treacherous landscape hoping to visit Longshot and Dazzler. Once they reach Mojoworld they are attacked by Spiral who steals the canister containing the Psychilde-neoplasm, but Creepy Crawler gets it back from her just as she teleports away. They find Dazzler performing for freed slaves inside her and Longshot’s club, but Longshot is away on a quest, and Dazzler doesn’t know how to help Psychilde, so she refers her to the Textbook Sisters who caretake a derelict library.

The Textbook Sisters begin a spell that will help Psychilde, but before it can be completed, the X-Babies are attacked by Mojo’s latest creations, the Mighty ‘Vengers. A ferocious battle breaks out, with Thunderson and Shower knocking each other out with matching lighting bolts and the others trading blows as well. Sugah seemingly defeats Iron Ace, but at the urging of Mojo, observing the battle, Iron Ace succeeds in stealing the canister of Psychilde neoplasm and getting away.

Sugah and Shadowkitty follow him with a camera in tow, and confront Mojo directly inside the lab where the babies are grown. Iron Ace has by now realized Mojo is evil and turned against him, as do the other 'Vengers when they see him ranting maniacally on TV. Sugah fights Spiral, hoping to retrieve the canister before Spiral can dump it into the vat with the rest of the neoplasm. Sugah duplicates Spiral’s powers, growing extra arms to achieve victory, but during their scuffle the canister falls into the vat. As Sugah and Iron Ace try to reprogram the machine it goes into overdrive and explodes. To her surprise Sugah discovers that Psychilde has survived and has been reborn into a new ninja body.

A furious Mojo tries to destroy them all with an enormous laser-vehicle, but Shadowkitty, who had phased into it to hide during the battle, has rendered it inoperable. By now all the ‘Vengers and X-Babies have arrived; the ‘Vengers decide to remain together as a team and train new members to rise up against Mojo from their new headquarters.

Later, Mojo sifts through the wreckage of the baby-making laboratory and discovers dozens of newly-formed babies emulating notorious supervillains of Earth, which delights him.

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