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When Nightcrawler traveled to Avalon to seek out Destiny to help save the universe, Avalon was ravaged by an attack from Apocalypse's Pale Riders. With reinforcements on the way, Nightcrawler organized a number of survivors from the first attack into X-Calibre: His mother Mystique, the refugee Switchback, and the former member of the Pale Riders Damask who defected after seeing the beauty of Avalon[1].

The group of mutants would defend Avalon from an attack by the Shadow King, who would utilize his ability to possess others to slaughter the people of Avalon. The mutants would combine their powers and seemingly slay the Shadow King. Following the Shadow King's defeat, Destiny would be convince to accompany Nightcrawler to America and X-Calibre would be disbanded[2].

Following it's disbandment, only Nightcrawler has been seen active, having returned to the X-Men[3]

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