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Hello, and welcome to X-Corp.
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Paris offices


Shortly after revealing to the world that he was a mutant, Professor Charles Xavier organized the X-Corporation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigate mutants rights violation and act as an international extension of the X-Men.[2]

With Cerebra connections to monitor mutant activity, X-Corp offices were opened in many major cities around the world including Amsterdam,[2] Hong Kong,[2] Los Angeles,[3] Melbourne,[2] Mumbai,[2][4] Nairobi,[5] Salem Center,[6][7] Paris,[8] and Singapore.[5]

Los Angeles offices

At some time, Trolls working for Stripmine were responsible for the bombings of the X-Corp headquarters in Mumbai, Singapore, and Nairobi.[5]


In the aftermath of M-Day, anti-mutant violence began to rise and the Paris X-Corp offices were destroyed by a car bomb. Cyclops ordered that all X-Corp branches cease activity, and the Xavier Institute began offering a refuge for all remaining mutants.[10]


With the newly founded nation of Krakoa being the wealthiest nation in the world due to their advancements in medicine, finance, and technology, the need for X-Corp to manage mutant business was acknowledged.[11] With Angel and Monet as head CXOs of the company, they handle the affairs of dealing with different human corporations throughout the world and the United Nations' laws regarding X-Corp's place in the world.[9]




  • Mutantes Sans Frontières is similar in principle but extends its purview far wider then just mutants.[12]
  • The new mobile HQ has the ability to fly, sail, and is capable of teleportation in conjunction with the Krakoan gates.[9]

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