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Paris offices


Shortly after revealing to the world that he was a mutant, Professor Charles Xavier organized the X-Corporation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigate mutants rights violation and act as an international extension of the X-Men.[2]

With Cerebra connections to monitor mutant activity, X-Corp offices were opened in many major cities around the world including Amsterdam,[2] Hong Kong,[2] Los Angeles,[3] Melbourne,[2] Mumbai,[2][4] Nairobi,[5] Salem Center,[6][7] Paris,[8] and Singapore.[5]

Los Angeles offices

At some time, Trolls working for Stripmine were responsible for the bombings of the X-Corp headquarters in Mumbai, Singapore, and Nairobi.[5]


In the aftermath of M-Day, anti-mutant violence began to rise and the Paris X-Corp offices were destroyed by a car bomb. Cyclops ordered that all X-Corp branches cease activity, and the Xavier Institute began offering a refuge for all remaining mutants.[10]


With the newly founded nation of Krakoa being the wealthiest nation in the world due to their advancements in medicine, finance, and technology, the need for X-Corp to manage mutant business was acknowledged.[11] With Angel and Monet as head CXOs of the company, they handle the affairs of dealing with different human corporations throughout the world and the United Nations' laws regarding mutant innovation.[9]




  • Mutantes Sans Frontières is similar in principle but extends its purview far wider then just mutants.[12]
  • The new mobile HQ has the ability to fly, sail, and is capable of teleportation in conjunction with the Krakoan gates.[9]

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