Following the death of his son Alex and wife during an attack on Central Park by Magneto, this man vowed to destroy mutantkind, becoming a serial killer of mutants as the X-Cutioner.[1] After killing at least five mutants,[1][2] the X-Cutioner set his sights on the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach.

During Manhattan's encasement inside a Darkforce dome, the X-Cutioner took advantage of the bedlam caused by this event to infiltrate the X-Mansion, plant several timed explosives in the Danger Room, and proceed to terrorize its residents, killing two students in the process. Before he could murder Eye-Boy, the X-Cutioner was confronted by X-Men members Kitty Pryde, Colossus, and Prestige.[3] Their fight was interrupted when Kitty Pryde left to check the bombs, which had been found by Rockslide and Dust. While the rest of the X-Men started evacuating the building, the X-Cutioner attempted to carry on with his plans, and assaulted Pixie. Pryde stopped him and confronted him with a katana in order to both stop his crusade and secure the timed bombs' remote trigger.

Even though the X-Cutioner used a power dampener against Pryde, she bested him in combat. He pulled his gun on her and berated her for the X-Men's negligence to collateral damage during their exploits, which caused deaths like that of his family. Kitty conceded that the X-Cutioner was right about that, but argued that unlike the possible accidental deaths they caused, all of the X-Cutioner's murders were premeditated and deliberate, which was worse than any innocent's death the X-Men caused.

The X-Cutioner shot at Kitty, but Colossus took the bullet for her, though his injuries weren't fatal. The X-Cutioner was subsequently knocked out by Rockslide. Once the Darkforce crisis came to an end, he was handed over to the NYPD.[4]


  • Weapons Proficiency: The X-Cutioner was an expert in the use of various weapons ranging from firearms and knives to explosives and gasses. [4]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat


  • Adamantium-Laced Kevlar Armor[4]
  • The X-Cutioner's son, Alex, was 9 years old when he died.[3]

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